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  1. Scott H.

    Hyper Seal

    Oh yeah, the ONR for Opti-Coat smells amazing. Gives even more gloss than ONR Wash and Wax. And it smells amazing.
  2. Scott H.

    Hyper Seal

    That is not true. I have both on hand and believe me, Hyper Seal isn't just a relabeled version. Goes on thicker, has a deeper, wetter look. When it was still called lab sample B and I put it on my son's car in March last year, he said it was holding up still in November through the start of a Cincinnati area winter.
  3. Scott H.

    Hyper Seal

    Hyper Seal is not the same as Opti-Seal. I believe they are just waiting to do a full production run and get it on the website.
  4. Scott H.

    Video Review - How Chemically Resistant is Opticoat?

    OPC at 3:1 is amazing at cleaning stubborn bug guts on Opti-Coated (or non coated cars as well) without at all affecting how well OC protects.
  5. Scott H.

    best QD for Opti Coat

    I've been using ONR Wash and Wax @ 32:1 dilution for a QD and glass cleaner. Works amazingly well.
  6. Not only does G-P-S and a Rupes do a nice job for light correction, it looks amazing!
  7. This 1989 911 is one of the cars we've done on our Arizona trip. Had to take the pictures with my cellphone because my digital camera has such a tough time with red. And since I have what I need with me to transfer pics from my phone to my laptop, and nothing to transfer pictures from my camera to my laptop, the rest of what I've done will have to wait. The owner of this 911 had a friend detail it a while back, he said his friend did a nice job knocking out most of the oxidation but after a winter up in Massachusetts and being towed behind a truck from there to Arizona, he wanted it cleaned up and the finish refined as much as possible within his budget. He is considering a repaint so he'll have a base coat/clear coat paint job that will better stand up to Arizona's non-stop onslaught of sun in the next couple of years, so it didn't have to be absolutely flawless. Plus since we plan on continuing to come out here a couple times a year, regular polishing will continue to keep the paint looking its best even if he stays with (mostly) original paint for longer than planned. The car was pretty dirty but once cleaned up, it appeared the previous oxidation removal was holding up but the paint did have some swirling in it (the repainted front fender and driver's door were by far the worst) and a bit of sand pitting in the hood but for 24 year old paint it was better than expected. Only got a couple before/after shots, they are on my digital camera so I'll add them when I get back to Dallas. This shot shows how much dead paint I was getting off. That was a brand new pad when I started... Really happy with the depth and gloss we were able to achieve and the owner seemed very pleased too. He plans to maintain the finish with ONR now that he's seen how easy and fast it is to use. The hope is that upon the return trip some time this fall, it will need a lot less polishing. Full process: ONR wash, Opti-Raser pink (mild) to clay Optimum Hyper Compound using an Optimum MF cutting pad and my Meguiars G110 v2 DA polisher Optimum Hyper Polish using an Optimum MF cutting pad and G110 v2 Optimum G-P-S using an Optimum MF polishing pad and my G110 v2 Optimum Opti-Seal Optimum Car Wax Optimum Opti-Glass to treat and protect the windshield Armor All to dress tires/wheel wells 3D Trim Protectant to dress engine vents We did the interior as well but I completely forget to get pictures
  8. 2011 Mini Cooper convertible. Polished out his X-drive last weekend, wanted us back to Opti-Coat his wife's Mini Cooper. I'd looked it over the week before and it just had mostly light swirls in the paint so I was able to work it in more quickly than usual due to the small size and excellent overall condition. It was really hard getting before shots, just before we washed it, low clouds rolled in and trying to time the breaks in the clouds with trying to take pics was an exercise in frustration. When the sun pops out for 10-15 seconds at a time, then you lose it for another 2-3 minutes... :wall This is the only before shot that remotely had enough sun to make out the light swirling: After Optimum Hyper Compound on this pretty hard paint: ONR wash, Opti-Raser Pink to spot clay (paint was already really smooth) Optimum Hyper Compound using an Optimum MF cutting pad and my Rupes 21 DA Optimum Hyper Polish using an Optimum MF cutting pad, and a few tighter areas with a yellow Meguiars foam pad (needed some cushion between the backing plate and the bumper/tailgate area) again with my Rupes 21 ONR wash 30% Alcohol solution on the windshield Optimum Coating applied to the paint and wheels Opti-Glass applied to the windshield ONR wash and wax @ 32:1 to clean glass Armor All to dress tires/wheel wells For how good of shape the Mini appeared to be in before we started, I was stunned at how much additional gloss the polishing added to the paint, and that the scuffs and scratches all polished out of the vinyl stripes on the hood.
  9. Scott H.

    ONR - First Impressions

    I'm always amazed how good my car looks after ONR. Mine has Opti-Coat on it and the combination of the two means my car looks terrific and is very easy to wash. Usually after I wash a customer's car with ONR, they think I've already waxed it.
  10. Scott H.

    Elevated Car Care: Raven FR-S

    Great job as always! Is it just me or is pretty much every FRS beat up by the dealer? The only one I've done that wasn't covered in swirls was the last one and he specifically requested the dealer not touch it at all.
  11. Regular customer just picked up a new Vermilion Red BMW X5 5.0 for his wife (he has ordered an Audi RS5 for himself, should be in towards the end of the year) to replace her previous generation X5. Still had the dealer tags and it appears that the dealer mostly kept their hands off it so the paint was in really good condition. ONR wash, Optimum nano-skin clay pad (test) using WARM water since it was 38 degree when I started this morning Optimum Hyper Polish using an Optimum microfiber cutting pad and my PC 7424 XP on speeds 5-6 ONR wash, again with warm water (still only in the upper 40s) Optimum Opti-Seal 2.0 on the paint, hard plastic trim and wheels Armor All on tires/fenderwells No real good place to get pictures due to the trees. Plus the owner had already left for a previous engagement and I didn't want to be moving his new X5 around without permission. However, the shade does help show off the insane gloss you get with OC 2.0.
  12. Scott H.

    Optimum Carpet Cleaner!

    I've found that ONR is surprisingly effective on fabric and according to my son, OPC at 3:1 is almost like cheating when we use it on particularly bad interiors. Maybe something that cleans like OPC and smells like ONR?
  13. You get a ton of beading with the coating, but sun and water can conspire to deeply etch pretty much anything. Maybe something that sheets instead of beads would work better?
  14. Scott H.

    OCW in the ONR Bucket Followed by OS

    I do the same as Todd, OCW in ONR over my Opti-Coated car. If I am going to use Opti-Seal instead, I usually just do a straight ONR wash, but now I will have to try it with OCW mixed in just to see how it looks.
  15. Scott H.

    Am I overdoing it with ONR?

    I use the single bucket method, every so often I run across a car/truck dirty enough I need to change out the bucket about halfway through.