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  1. Andy White


    Well I don't know on the protection yet, hasn't got dirty, it hasn't been rained on. Any updates on the warranty from Dr. G yet?
  2. Andy White


    A quick walk around of a car I applied Opt-Guard for the first time.
  3. Andy White

    Some questions on OC

    I would say its not darker, its more intense.
  4. Andy White

    Lots of streaking after application. :(

    When I applied Opti-Guard, I would spread the coating then reach for a MF towel and wipe the surface right away to buff off / level out the areas that hadn't flashed off.
  5. Andy White

    Getting water spots out of pain

    Maybe the spray compound.
  6. Andy White

    Opti-Coat Application

    Are there any videos on how to apply Opti-Coat online?
  7. I have had good luck using ONR to clean hard surfaces inside the car. Now I'm wondering if ONR would work well in an extractor, even something like the the LGM, for cleaning.
  8. Andy White


    Maybe a nickel size
  9. Andy White


    No, it was a brand new pad still sealed up. Wonder if I did get version 2. I got it on a buy one get one free deal at Autogeek. Interesting fact on speed 2 no problems, speed 3 is when it started to powder. This is on a Makita rotary.
  10. Andy White


    This is the first time I have used OP (1.0) with the Kompressor pads, I noticed that for the first time it started to powder quite badly. What I am missing here?
  11. Andy White

    Opti-Coat Ready For Release!!

    Since its now the end of the next week since the first post, is it available yet?
  12. Andy White

    Opti-Coat Ready For Release!!

    Can't wait to hear about the process, or see a video of you doing it.
  13. Andy White

    Opti-Coat Ready For Release!!

    How much is it going to cost? Does it work well on fiberglass, such as Corvettes?
  14. Andy White

    Where do you buy this ?

    It would help to know the price
  15. Andy White

    Where do you buy this ?

    I think we all want to know that!