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  1. Bigpikle

    Glosscoat on matt wheels?

    I'm about to coat my new car with Glosscoat and obviously, but they have a slightly matt and 'rough' textured finish. They feel almost like a fine wet and dry sandpaper finish rather than the usual smooth glossy lacquered finish on 99% of wheels, as you'll hopefully see from the picture. So, firstly, would Glosscoat work on them, and secondly, will it change the look and add gloss? I want to retain the original matt look. I could probably try a very small test patch on the barrel somewhere but am hoping somebody has encountered this before? Thanks for your help.
  2. I certainly wouldnt go through all the hassle of trying to polish out the entire car and starting again. I suspect worst case you have some reduced bonding and perhaps less longevity. The worst problem would be that it didnt self level and cure properly and you had bad hazing in places, which you'd want to remove and reapply, but it doesnt sound like that was an issue so I'd just leave it alone and see what happens? Dont make problems for yourself that may not be there.
  3. Bigpikle

    OPT Training

    It would certainly be interesting but I understand the focus of the training is certification for the pro products - coatings, PPF etc. Given the lack of Opt presence in the UK I just dont see how it could be done for consumers in any cost effective way. Getting someone over here with the travel and accommodation costs, as well as getting product, a location etc would be hugely expensive and there's no way you'd ever cover costs with a few amateurs paying £35 each! I know how much it costs to set up events like this, as its what my business does for our services, and its a lot more expensive than many realise, and of course you'd want a lot more than the sale of a few extra bottles of ONR to justify it. Opt have a European distributor in Holland and I guess it should really be part of their responsibility to drive demand in the European market, but given the current lack of product availability in our market and lack of any consumer support that I can see, they clearly dont seem interested in building a consumer customer base. There are still so many products not even stocked anywhere, huge issues with out of stock lines and I dont see any signs of that changing. Its very frustrating as a Opt fan that would love to use more of the products but simply cant access them and by the look of the way its going I can imagine that nothing but ONR and the odd bottle of Opti Seal will be available over here in 12 months time But being realistic, how big is the UK consumer detailing market? Its also ridiculously overcrowded with copycat products and re-labelled products being launched every week. Its also a very backward looking market which is still dominated by the view that old fashioned products are the only way to go and a general reluctance to embrace any innovative new ideas and approaches. In the global scheme of things I'm not sure how much I'd invest over here either if it was my business.....
  4. Bigpikle

    Big Red Sponge

    yep - lots more than a grout sponge, but works out about $70 over here!!!!
  5. Bigpikle

    Big Red Sponge

    I do want one of these to try but will have to wait a few weeks until I'm in the US as they are eye-wateringly expensive in Europe
  6. Bigpikle

    New member - Optimum Gloss Coat - Pictures

    and use a purified water to dilute it if you can.... that should be enough to last you the life of the car! Less is more when using Opt stuff eg 1 spritz per panel when drying is plenty. Perhaps 2 on the hood though.....
  7. I have read from Yvan (I think) that GPS has more cut than Poli Seal, and hence is best by machine and Poli Seal is the better option if working by hand. I cant remember the source, but also read GPS uses the same abrasives as Opt Finish polish - this may or may not be true?
  8. Bigpikle

    New member - Optimum Gloss Coat - Pictures

    wow - your car looks simply stunning! Another reminder why my next car is going to be red I'm a huge fan of the Instant Detailer for maintenance as the gloss and slickness it leaves after a wash is just amazing, and its a great drying aid. Smells good too....
  9. Bigpikle

    Big Red Sponge

    Maybe I've been doing this all wrong for the last however many years, but I just go over an area as many times as needed to get it clean before I wipe it. As others have said, I use both sides of my sponge and will happily rinse it and go back to the panel again if needed before I start to dry. I dont ever want to see dirt on my drying towels.
  10. Bigpikle

    How long does OPP protect leather?

    thanks Bill - will see how it does
  11. Bigpikle

    4yr Old Opti Coat v1 - any good?

    did the alloys on the new car - took a while due to the design but came out cracking! IMG_4706 by Bigpikle, on Flickr (Apologies for the rusty discs but 3 days of washing and prep have taken their toll!) Amazing flake in the coloured sections of these wheels which matches the bodywork perfectly. IMG_4707 by Bigpikle, on Flickr Then decided it might be worth finishing the syringe on SWMBO's 4yr old Honda CRV. The wheels on this have picked up a little pitting in a few places so I hit them with 3 attacks of various wheel cleaners and several strong shampoo washes to get it all off and remove the FK1000p I put on them recently. Final wipe with IPA and then dried before using OC. Really happy with how these came up as well - not bad for 4.5 years and not always well maintained IMG_4708 by Bigpikle, on Flickr
  12. Bigpikle

    How long does OPP protect leather?

    not sure really - you dont see much written about them these days thanks for the OPP feedback - on BOGOF at Motorgeek so will grab a couple of bottles. Hoping to find the glass clean and protect somewhere but everywhere seems to only have the concentrate and I'll never use a gallon!
  13. Looking at this for my new car with a ridiculous light ivory leather interior. I've had it 2 days and it already looks like it will mark just by looking at I need a cleaner/protector that offers good lasting protection against stains etc. I've not use OPP but love all the other stuff so am thinking of giving it a try, but how long does the protection element typically last on good condition new seats on a DD? Is it a weekly application or something that could protect for 4-6 weeks between applications? Many thanks
  14. Bigpikle

    4yr Old Opti Coat v1 - any good?

    ...well it seems to have worked OK. The black painted wheels have a good sheen to them now but as they arent coated like an alloy wheel its hard to know if its added to the gloss finish or had any negative effect? I think I got it on evenly and cant see any high spots, so application seems good. I poured water on them from a watering can and the finish repels water amazingly, so its certainly doing its job well. Weather is hot and dry again for a few days so I plan to get the wheels on the new car done tomorrow morning and they will have 24 hours hot and dry despite being outside. Fingers crossed I get the same result on those as they are going to be far more complicated to get a good even coat on....
  15. Bigpikle

    4yr Old Opti Coat v1 - any good?

    Thanks guys. I tried one of the syringes today on some winter steel wheels. Good clean and IPA wipe down, then tried to remember how I applied it last time It was easy to get too much on the cotton wool pad for 1 wheel but a quick wipe with a MF a few mins later with a spray of OID seemed to level it out. I remember last time the areas that had a OID spray shortly after application stayed much slicker long after it cured. Wheels are in the garage overnight but look great already so hopefully if all is good in the morning I'll do the wheels on the new car - they are incredibly fiddly though so will take some effort!