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  1. Steve H

    Help. ONR and houseplants

    I can't speak as to what would happen to it being sprayed on the leaves as I suppose it would be dependent upon the plants sesitivity to elements such as nitrogen etc. Speaking from personal experience, plants LOVE ONR poured into their base. I took care of some friends cars at their business and washed the cars about every two weeks. I dumped the used ONR solution into a planter box and the plants on the side that i dumped the ONR grew exponentially bigger than the ones around it. Other than the ONR they received the same amoumt of watering. I asked DR G. about this and he told me that there is nitrogen in ONR and this might have led to the growth. Perhaps you may just have to buy a replacement plant, like a replacement goldfish, before she gets home!! Good luck
  2. Steve H

    New ONR w/Carnuba Review

    Did she add the angel's breath as well?? Tell your wife she made a GREAT choice, my wife says so too!
  3. I was luckyI enough to get to see Doc G at SEMA this year and he was gracious enough to give me a small sample of the new Optimum No Rinse with Carnauba. I promised him I would use it soon and post a review here, so, here it is. My test Corolla, which is in the Opti Seal Video, had not been cleaned since the day before the trip to Las Vegas so I would guess it had proably close to 500 miles since it's last washing. Initial Observations: 1) Packaging- The 8oz bottle I have is the same 8oz size that other products come in. The labeling looks great, and the intsructions are clear. 2) Smell - Since I promised Doc G I would't drink any more ONR, I will admit that I kept my promise. However, the new ONR w/Carnauba (ONRWC) smells incredible! It's a mixture or watermelon, coconut, and angel's breath. Well okay,, maybe not the last part, but it smells really really nice. 3) Dilution- I used the standard 1 oz to 1 gallon ratio. This formula is SLICK. Not "fake" slick lick a silicone detail spray, but more akin to a good car soap with lots of lubricity. 4) Shine- I have been a ONR user for a while and have grown accustomed to the shinee it leaves behind. I think, personal opinion, that the addition of carnauba to the ONR now gives the car "warmth" in addition to shine. I will be posting some videos shortly of my using the product, but for now let me just say that the wait for the product will be/is well worth it. I think am going to play around with dilution ratios for a QD and will report on my results then. I think using this as a QD for door jambs areas and such will negate the need for any car scents since as I said before...IT REALLY SMELLS GOOD!! AFTER
  4. Steve H

    Pad Cleaning

    I was kicking it "old school" yesterday and polished out a F250 Super Duty (hands still throbbing) using some old Optimum polish. The original,not OP II. Needless to say, the truck looked awesome as they always do with Optimum! I was curious if any of my fellow optimum users had any tips for cleaning their pads? The thing that makes Optimum so long working and easy to use also seems to make it a bear to get out of the pads at the end of the job. Any advise you can give is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!
  5. Steve H

    Forum Appearance

    Wow I step away for a few days and look what happened! Chris this new layout looks really nice. Keep up the good work!
  6. Hello everyone. It's been a long while since I posted so forgive my tardiness! Some friends of ours recently opened a Massage Envy franchise and had both of their vehicles wrapped and had special lighting done as well. They wanted to protect their investments so I offered them my services. I took care of both cars today using ONR and Optimums Instant Detailer and Gloss Enhancing Spray. The nice thing about ONR is not just the cleaning properties, but also the piece of mind it gives you knowing that you are not going to damage the wrap or compromise the integrity of the adhesives. Here are some photos and soon I will follow up a brief video clip showing my work as well. Well used bucket of No Rinse!! AFTER
  7. Anthony...been in lurker mode for quite a while now but it was good to chat with Ron, and you in the background today. Funny how things work, I was just talking about learning how to use a rotary as all I really have time behind are the various DA's. Then new toys from Doc G. Looking forward to putting them to the test and showing them to some of my local shps to get them to break their 3M addictions!! Take care! Steve
  8. Steve H

    Freedom One

    ShawnF I am a reseller of various car products so I too tried Freedom Waterless to see how it would compliment my product line. I agree with Patrick, the product is pretty top notch, but in the end I go back to ONR since, to me, I think it works better and offers the customer a more economical choice for their "waterless" needs. Of all of the "waterless" items out there (Chemical Guys-One,Freedom etc...) I really don't see how they claim one bottle will do several cars. If the car is fairly dusty, it takes quite a bit of solution to suspend the dirt/dust/debris and in the end I always seem to go through at least half of a bottle for an average car. One product they do have that I really like was their water based dressing. The smell was awesome...almost drinkable with the right adult beverage mixer and completely non-greasy.
  9. Steve H

    SO, How's everyone doing out there?

    Well at the risk of sounding too upbeat.... I have to say the Lord is blessing my business with some great opportunities in this economy. I have a business selling Optimum car care products and other bulk products to some shops and mobile detailers and this week my wife and I will be doing our first car show, vendor booth selling, what else, Optimum Products. In addition to that, a local Corvette Club wants me to be the primary vendor for car care products at their annual car show in June. Also this week I may have landed an account at a car wash that is re-opening in the mountains nearby. The owner of the wash is going with a big name vendor for the tunnel stuff, but he wants me to set up the detailing side of the business and supply the business with interior cleaners, polishes, waxes....etcetera. I'll try to post some photos of our booth from this weekend and keep ya updated on how the other aspects of the business are going! Lastly Mike, my prayers are with you for a speedy recovery from your surgery and good luck with the shop as the weather turns nice. My brother in law was laid off from his job in Indianapolis, so I know how tough times are there in Indiana right now!! In HIS Service, Steve
  10. Steve H

    Merry, Merry Christmas!!

    And on this day God gave us the greatest gift of all....His son whom through salvation is possible for everyone!! Thank you God for such a present!! To all my brothers in Christ and friends.....may you and your families have an awesome Christmas and a happy New Year. I'll try and do my part to keep it safe out here for ya!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS
  11. Greetings to the Optimum Forum Michael !! I agree with Integrity,Charles and Brent in that you should save your pennies and just buy the PC or the UDM (Same machine, different labels). In addition to what everyone has said, one of the nice things about the PC is that you can find backing plates all over the internet; everything from fairly rigid Meguiars backing plates to the very flexible Lake Country backing plates. The ability to replace your backing plate comes in to play when the velcro hook & loop surface starts to get worn and the pads don't stick as well. Many of the other random orbit polishers have "proprietary" BP's. In regards to your question on how much pressure to apply, that is a bit of a vague question/answer area. The amount of pressure needed can vary on the degree of defect removal you are working on, as well as, the chemical you are using. Some polishes/compounds need more pressure and heat to break down and some need less. An example would be the difference between Optimum Polish and Hyper Compounds. A tutorial on PC usage is on Meguiars Website if you follow this link. How to use a PC . Now remember, the recommendations given in the tutorial relate specifically to Meg's products, but, this will at least get you "in the ballpark" with the Optimum Polishes. From that point on it's mostly trial and error and practice. Good luck to you!
  12. Steve H

    Hello All

    Greetings to you Brian. Pull up a chair and soak in some of the knowledge that is a large part of this forum.
  13. Steve H

    opti-seal and collinite 845

    With 100 degree days here in California.... it is hard to even think about winter!! Having said that, I have used this very combo and love the look and results I get on metallic paints. I recommend that after a good washing and polish, add 1 to 2 coats of Opti-Seal and then after 24 hours, add as many coats of 845 as you would like. In reality though, anything over two thin coats is just wasting wax. The look is awesome and the nice thing is that 845 seems to really play well with Optimum Spray Wax as well.
  14. Steve H

    FS: PC7336 + more

    Hey Russ....are you getting any inquiries on this? I'd snag it, but, I already have 2 PC's, and a boatload of other polishers!