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  1. Matryx

    how to apply....

    I do have a garage but I have too much tools and stuff in there to fight my car in there for a wash. I'll do an ONR wash if it gets to 5+ degrees here in Canada. Otherwise I'll just go to the coin wash and give it a good spray when it gets too dirty or when we get a snowfall with salts on the roads.
  2. Matryx

    how to apply....

    Thanks everyone. I will try that whenever the next time I get the chance to after a rinseless wash. Not sure when that will be though since the other day was the only exception that it was 8-16 degrees here in canada
  3. Matryx

    how to apply....

    I used these two I used the fan out pattern. I just spray like it how I would use a QD. Just enough to cover the panel. My hood is pretty large so I started with one side of the hood first.
  4. Matryx

    how to apply....

    Well I was doing the hood and I did at least 4-5 sprays. Looks like a little too much product. It was also around 8 degrees celius outside. Don't worry I don't take anything personal on here. I'm not a professional so that's why I'm here asking questions. There's definitely no more dirt on the car. It's not scratching but I think I'm instilling towel marks. When I try to wipe the wax with my towel with no pressure. My hand goes somewhere else and my towel basically stay still unless I put more pressure to drag it. The back of the bottle tells me to work it in so I tried doing that but it didn't seem to by gliding like some of the other stuff I've used before. I've applied this before and it was the same 3-4 weeks ago when it was 12 degrees outside after putting on a coat of Collinite 845
  5. Matryx

    how to apply....

    I did a rinseless wash today with ONR and I thought I'll apply some the Optimum Spray Wax after. This is my second time using this and I think I'm doing it wrong. I spray a panel and use a MF towel to work it in but it seems like it's really hard to work in and I feel like I'm scratching the paint with the MF towels. It's not smooth but feels sticky when moving across the paint like I'm dragging it. I hope I'm not instilling scratches on the paint. It just doesn't feel right. Am I doing it wrong? What and how are you guys applying these spray wax? I've got two coats of Collinite 845 that I applied three weeks ago.