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  1. exceldetail

    Optimum NRWS, Excel style

    Link repaired, lol 1.5 yrs later.....
  2. exceldetail

    Help with applying Opti-Coat

    Man I need to pop in here more often..........
  3. exceldetail

    Freedom One

    I sold Freedom One a few years ago. Both versions, i fell in love with the improved version, as it was quite a good product. Smelled good, user friendly, cleared out well, non streaking and just did a great overall job. Was priced well also. Then the compaony moved to WA and customer service kind of fell through the loops for about a year....... I discontinued selling it, pushed the Optimum NRWS and ID&GE, and have never looked back, Optimum makes stellar products, customer service philosophy matches my companies, and theres no BS. Products are top notch for both beginner and novice....... To answer your question though, the product is pretty good if you can get past the sales pitches......
  4. exceldetail

    Optimum NRWS, Excel style

    Hmmmmmmmmmm............ Im glad those respondents have found this method worthy!
  5. exceldetail

    Optimum NRWS, Excel style

    During my last phone conversation with David, he asked that I share with forum members a new technique for washing with Optimum NRWS. Well, here its is............and please tailor it to your own level of satisfaction......... I shared this with the members over on a detailing forum I sponsor, and they have fallen in love with the idea, and have helped spread the sales of NRWS as well as shared their experience with the technique. I truly believe my washing results have been improved upon since introducing the accessory. It has also created new avenues for cleaning/detailing which have cut down on time as well as labor. I hope some of you find this information very useful!
  6. exceldetail

    Instant Detailer VS ONR QD

    Put it in a 1 Gal spritzer and pre treat!!
  7. exceldetail

    Mixing Optimum Polishes/Compounds

    Depends if your adding OP to OC or vice versa..... Adding OC will speed up, adding OP will slow down. Your either taming, or boosting when adding one to another.
  8. exceldetail

    Could Menzerna Be Smoke & Mirrors?

    German auto manufacturing? Bence you may know more about sales abroad then most of us! I had a talk with the folks over at einszett about Menzerna, and the einszett folks in Germany dont know much about Menzerna.......... I just kind of wonder just how large is Menzerna, in Germany after all.......
  9. exceldetail


    Mr Schwartsznager (sp) just declared Ca, in a state of drought..........Best thing that happened to detailers out this way since polish.....
  10. exceldetail


    I have found OS to be a superb product/sealant. I have also found ot easier to apply with a MF mit. I like spritzing the MF a few times, with an occasional spritz to the panel. You'll know your leaving product with a "now ya see it, now ya dont". Simply buff it in and off.......Its actually easier then using a instant detailer.
  11. exceldetail

    Optimum "X" Soon To Be Released!

    Hmm, I remember David mentioning this product last Summer. Im happy its getting closer to being released. Im assuming if a release needs to be signed, it has a set up/cure point, where "theres no turning back"...with that said, sounds like a product made for durability.
  12. exceldetail

    Favorite ONR Mitt

    Actually Eurow lost its sheepskin contract (Except the super walmart) with Walmart due to this mitt. Walmart saved $.01 per product and went with the dreadlock mit. And for the record..................Im a sheepskinner with ONR.
  13. exceldetail

    Opti-Seal Q&A

    I have found using a MF mit to be the best for me. I spritz OS on the mitt, then massage into the paint. OS clears itself out wonderfully, leaving zero streaking as I had with the foam app. Using the fam app, I always had to rewipe with a MF anyway, so I since just converted to using the MF mitt.
  14. exceldetail

    Revised Protectant Plus?

    Batches being made this week! I'd give it another week for availability.....