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  1. Shawn F.

    How long will a pad last?

    I have had the same problem but then again I was using Snappy Clean pad cleaner in my Lake Country pad cleaning system and that may be one problem of why it's causing this issue. Another pad did the same thing without using Snappy Clean but like Chris said, it only seems to be a very select few doing it. Other than this small issue, the pads are awesome, I agree!
  2. Shawn F.

    Which additional pads?

    I still stock all the foam pads because I find on softer paints they finish better than the MF polishing pad (on some paints not all). I am not familiar with the Edge 2000 system you speak of but I use Lake Country CCS pads or Hydro ones. I stick to grey and white mostly. Good to have an orange, green and red one for cutting and the red for applying glazes and waxes just in case. I find that the grey pad works great with Optimum Finish polish (sometimes referred to as the black pad). White pad works well with Hyper Spray. Hopefully I answered some of your questions and good luck!
  3. Shawn F.

    Plans to tweak Hyper Compound?

    I would love to see a Hyper Compound Ultra Cut of some sort too in spray form! Like Chris said, keep the Compound II for the harder paints/clears. I like that the Hyper Compound spray is light cut though because it minimizes the swirls and buffer trails.
  4. Shawn F.

    Turbo Wax

    Chris and the rest of the gang here at Optimum Forums, I tried Turbo Wax products on my 08 Nissan Altima and a few other vehicles and will have to say that the stuff works great. Price is fair, easy to apply and take back off and so far the results and durability are good. Their customer service is top notch as well! They are a new company and there are rumors from people saying that they are another line from Four Star detail products but I talked to the owner about it and he said that at the beginning they were receiving help/advice from them and packaging. Overall though I like their products and plan to continue to use them. Their Tire Gel is not really a gel and is Polycharged and does not offer much shine at all. It's more of a protectant than a tire shine. I will be providing some pictures soon...
  5. I am hoping that I am not starting a thread that has been burnt out and posted a ton before. I did a search and read through every thread in this section of the forums with no luck. Anyways, my question here is, what do you guys do to keep your customer coming back on a car that has been coated with the Opti Guard or Opti Coat 2.0? Reason I ask is because I have a customer who used to get his car done every month to 3 months with pretty much 2 full details a year and maintenance details in between. Now that I did the coating he doesn't need it done anymore and washes his own vehicle with the two bucket method (I put a kit together and sold it to him so he can properly wash it). He is very happy with the coating and said the car still looks as good as the day I did it (which was a few months ago now). The only reason I can see him coming back is for touch ups and interior repairs/spot cleaning... Right now it seems that it will slow my work down and cut the amount of times I will see a customer which is good and bad. I like to save the customer money and never sell them something they do not need and always try to help them save money. At the same time I need to make sure I'm not cutting my own throat here if that makes any sense. I'm sure there's a way to fix this but I am just not seeing it and hope someone can shed some light on the subject. Thanks in advance!
  6. Shawn F.

    OC/OG Home Applications

    This is a GREAT idea. Especially for glass showers with those horrible water spots they get if not kept clean weekly!
  7. I have had this happen to me as well twice. Once I was able to get it to come back to life and another time it wouldn't no matter what I did (I still have the new bottle sitting in my shop actually). Not sure what causes it but good thing is that Chris provides the best customer service and always willing to make the customer happy!
  8. Shawn F.

    Turbo Wax

    Has anyone here ever heard of this company? The owner of the company contacted me on Autopia forums about his product line and is sending me a bunch of samples to try out. Seems new to me since I have never heard of the company before. I am not sure if it's high end type stuff or low budget OTC quality. I will be testing it out in the next few weeks for quality, durability, ease of use and price quality and report back to you guys here. I'd like to get some opinions from you guys here on what you think if you have tried it before or looked into it at one time.
  9. Shawn F.

    Opti Coat 2.0 Prep Questions

    From what I have heard on other forums is that if using Meguires 105 I beleieve (maybe it's 205) then you will need to use an IPA and Optimum Power Clean to get rid of the residue. Supposedly IPA (rubbing alcohol/water) alone will not completely get rid of the oils that are in that compound/polish. I use IPA with Optimum products too just because the fact that your hands have oils on them and even though I try not to ever touch the car with my bare hands, you never know if someone else has, sweat dripped, etc. I recommend IPA wipe down then go back over with a plain dry microfiber towel for removal of any streaks then apply Opti Coat 2.0.
  10. Shawn F.

    Opticoat on rubber

    Like Chris said it should be fine on harder rubber. I did notice yesterday that on softer rubber (below side glass, door weatherstripping, etc) it did streak and was uneven but I applied a second coat right away and wiped down with a microfiber and it blended it all in just fine.
  11. Shawn F.

    New to Optimum

    I am late but welcome to the forums! Feel free to ask any questions here, there is a great amount of knowledgeable people on these forums! As for the products, they are all top notch in my opinion and very easy to use with great long lasting results.
  12. Shawn F.

    Optimum Carpet Cleaner!

    Any news on this cleaner? How do I get on the list for "Pro Use"? I've tried emailing multiple times on products and when the Opti-Coat came out for pro use only and never ever once received an email back from Optimum site...
  13. Shawn F.

    Signature Image

    Thank you Chris! I thought that maybe the website reference had something to do with it. It's perfect size now, thanks!
  14. Shawn F.

    ONR with OCW??

    I have tried this before and it added slickness but didn't seem to add any protection. IMO the ONR and water mixed doesn't allow the wax to attach to the paint surface. It seemed to add a LITTLE more shine but not too noticable. In a hurry it may be fine, other than that I think your wasting product...
  15. Shawn F.

    Signature Image

    For some reason as you can see, the image in my signature is huge! I sized it down a ton but when I hit save it still uploads it to the site in such a large size. Any way or trick to fixing this? I have tried downsizing multiple times to the size I want but as soon as it saves it blows up automatically. Thanks in advance!