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  1. ehall

    New Formula Opt vs...

    Great write up! Thanks!
  2. ehall

    Opti-clay marring?!

    okay, wait a minute. It SHOULD NOT GET STICKY! Sticky is BAD! You should slide it across a cool and well lubed surface. That surface should be around 65 to 75 Farenheit. That may be 12C, I just don't want to look it up. Don't PRESS it into the paint. Let it slide on the lube only to the extent that you feel a very light resistance. The clay does all of the work for you!. If you do it right, the paint should feel slick after using;east if you use NoRinse. I presume others will be the same, or close. Let the palm of your hand be your guide. I'll add the BEST piece of advice I've EVER received about detailing, from Anthony Orosco, (the guy who started this site!) It is ALWAYS best to start with the product and technique that causes the least amount of damage or change. You can always go more abrasive, or a tougher pad or a more abrasive product or technique, but you can't take it back! Truer words were never spoken. Time is your friend, not abrasion! Keep it slick and cool! Come back here if you're still having problems. Elliott
  3. ehall

    Opti-clay marring?!

    I've never used anything BUT Opticlay...and NO...You can't have any! I've never EVER had a marring problem. Keep it properly lubed, like any other clay, and you'll be fine. I've always used Optimum Norinse, 3 caps full, with distilled or softened water, as the lube. Optimum Norinse has the recipe on the bottle, so use that. I think it calls for a bit more than I use, but I'm not sure. Either way it is (BOTH) a great product!
  4. ehall

    I'm Confused...Tire Dressing...

    What's difference in the finishes of the two?
  5. ehall

    I'm not new!

    Ash, it should be fixed now. I sent you a message. Let me know if it is not working properly. E
  6. ehall

    First timer

    Glad to have you on our board! When you get a chance, we all love pics of the cars! Thanks for coming bye!
  7. ehall

    Optimum protectant plus sprayer?

    You can try . They may well have a good bottle. Otherwise, try a garden center of some type, like Walmart, Home Depot, etc.
  8. ps I just had bodywork and paint work done. I can't detail for a while, but my car is due in about three weeks.
  9. This is great. For those of us who use orbitals. like the Cyclo, how would we go about maximizing the capabilities of the new products? Thanks for the hard work on this!
  10. ehall

    Please Help Newbie!

    Ya came to the right place. I'm sure Anthony or Ron will pop bye to get you on the right track. Welcome to our little board!
  11. ehall

    The perfect Pad

    good topic and question.
  12. ehall

    Optimum Finish vs. Polish II

    I don't mean this to sound impertinent (sp?), so please do not take it that way. Polishes polish, therefore, by definition, remove micro layers; and finishes create a barrier, between the freshly polished surface, and the environment that is about to attack it. If you don't add a finishing product, to create a barrier, the elements will attack your paint like a dousche bag on a stinky clam. YMMV Semper Fi! E
  13. Yep. I'd spend a buck for some Dawn, or similar. I would also clay the car, after. If it has that much stuff on it, it's due for a clay. Adding other products, over an unclayed surface, will prevent the surface from really showing it's gloss.