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  1. Ron@Optimum

    Critique my process?

    Instant Detailer does have a "different" look and can add gloss/slickness, but it's pretty short term. Using over Opti-Seal is redundant in my opinion, but it's your call.
  2. Ron@Optimum


    OPT does not recommend more than 2 coats - may not bond and can haze.
  3. Ron@Optimum

    Hello from VT

    I have no personal experience with PPF, but suggest you stick with a brand name (3M, Xpel, etc) and look at reviews. I had contact with Xpel early on as they tested and recommended Optimum ceramic coatings for their film, then they developed their own coating and dissed ours (I still have the email from their technician complimenting Opti-Coat Pro). We partnered with PPF installers early on as a natural combination with coatings.
  4. there are many methods to achieve great results - pick the one that makes you happy!
  5. Ron@Optimum


    Gloss-Coat can be driven in rain in a minimum of 1 hour if protected with Opti-Seal/Hyper Seal, otherwise we suggest 8 hours.
  6. Ron@Optimum

    new gloss coat formula

    New formula is harder but longevity remains the same: 2 - 3 years (though people had reported lasting beyond 3 years)
  7. Ron@Optimum


    It's been out for several weeks but we can't speak to what other distributors have in inventory - OPT's stock is all new formula.
  8. Ron@Optimum

    new gloss coat formula

    The improvements/changes are those listed.
  9. Ron@Optimum

    Hello from VT

    You are very close on PPF, it was an Yvan initiative that never took off after his retirement. As far as I know there's 1 installer in Louisiana and all information comes from Dr G. Optimum had a PPF specialist in Memphis, he went to work for an Opti-Coat Pro installer there, but still applies film.
  10. Ron@Optimum

    new gloss coat formula

    Gloss-Coat had ceramic polymers and now has more - don't know if they're different and wouldn't know one if it bit me.
  11. Ron@Optimum

    new gloss coat formula

    YOU asked - Polymer derived ceramics, referred to commonly as PDCs, Is a term for ceramic materials formed by the pyrolysis of preceramic polymers, usually under inert atmosphere. ... The key advantage of this type of ceramic material is the versatility afforded by the use of polymeric precursors in terms of processing and shaping. Although ceramic is an inorganic material like polymer, ceramic is made up of naturally occurring substances and is one of the oldest building and crafting materials known to man. ... For crafting purposes, polymer comes in clay form. Although it is called "polymer clay," there is no actual clay in the material.
  12. Ron@Optimum

    Hello from VT

    Optimum does have PPF and one installer in Louisiana (besides international distributors).
  13. Ron@Optimum


    The new formula Gloss-Coat has increased ceramic polymers that improve it's scratch/mar resistance, UV protection, and chemical resistance. Increased release properties allow it to shed dirt and other contaminates more easily, staying cleaner and making washing easier.
  14. Ron@Optimum

    new gloss coat formula

    And it is a new version, several weeks ago Optimum introduced a New Formula Gloss-Coat. It has added ceramic polymers providing greater scratch, UV, chemical resistance, along with increased release properties. This is part of Dr Gs "always looking to improve" mantra...and the price I pay for not being at the office in Memphis!
  15. Ron@Optimum

    Power Clean and microfiber towels

    the Power Clean is in addition to normal laundry detergent and is safe in HE washers.