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  1. Way2SSlow


    That sucks, I was interested after seeing the video....Oh well I guess.
  2. Way2SSlow

    When might we see the new OCW?

    Any updates? I'm starting to run out of my stock of OCW.
  3. Way2SSlow

    When might we see the new OCW?

    Thanks Anthony! I was waiting for you to chime in. I'm planning an order once it's released.
  4. Way2SSlow

    When might we see the new OCW?

    I'm suprised Anthony hasnt chimed in here yet with some info. I'm really looking forward to it's release.
  5. Way2SSlow

    Rain Rain Rain

    Georgia has been hit pretty hard lately as well. Not quite THAT hard, but we came out of a drought to days straight of rain this month.
  6. Way2SSlow

    OCW on Red RX3

    Whoa! That red looks sick! Nice work.
  7. Well, like the title says, when might we see the new version of OCW? There's been some talk on Autopia about it, and I'm just curious. Thanks
  8. Way2SSlow

    UFC-Lidell vs Jackson

    I'm picking Chuck. Do I think it'll be over in one round? Nope, but I think Chuck will knock him out. I dont see this one ending in a decision.
  9. Pretty sweet. I can't believe I didnt know of it until today. Where have I been?