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  1. Welcome Lynn! You are definitely in the right place to learn about Opti Coat and everything Optimum! Like your profile picture
  2. DLR Detailing

    Opti-Coat on firearms

    Yet ANOTHER use for Opti-Coat! Anyone hear that knock on the door?
  3. DLR Detailing

    Hello From Executive's Choice Detailing

    Welcome Scott! Fish & Ski boats are big enough for me. I can't imagine polishing out a houseboat, let alone coating it! You must order the "industrial sized caulking tube" - complete with battery powered gun for application.
  4. DLR Detailing

    hello from southern indiana

    Welcome to everything Optimum! We have camped several times over the years @ Glendale.
  5. DLR Detailing


    Optimum & BBQ My 2 most favorite things!!!
  6. DLR Detailing

    Signature Detailing in NJ Hello

    Welcome aboard!
  7. DLR Detailing

    Hello from South Bend Indiana!

    Welcome to everything OPTIMUM! There is getting to be several of us around here. I'm in Attica, southwest of Lafayette.
  8. DLR Detailing

    Subaru STI opticoated

    Great work and very well documented! Thanks for sharing. Love them Subies.
  9. DLR Detailing

    Hello for NJ

    Kieran, welcome to everything Optimum!
  10. DLR Detailing

    Some recent work...

    Outstanding work on some beautiful cars! Shop looks great as well! Welcome to the forum.
  11. twstd1, on 05 October 2012 - 10:58 AM, said: Exceptional work from the Dynamic Duo. Exceptional products from the Doctor. Thank you . And yes i couldn't agree more...im always anxious to see what Optimum will come out with next. Ive recently fallen in love with Power Clean undiluted on nasty brown tires. Used it today on a Toyota that sits out all the time and hasn't been washed since the last time the Cubs won the World Series. I had to spray and scrub them twice...but after the 2nd time they were about as clean as when they were new. Tire dressing always looks so much better on well cleaned tires. Chris Thomas, on 06 October 2012 - 12:06 AM, said: My first thought with many write ups is how long will the detail last? You guys did a fantastic job and getting the maintenance work always helps you feel good about all the effort applied. OptiCoat will definitely help with the way they use the vehicle too. Chris, thanks a lot my friend. I agree about the maintenance work...after a full polish out...a car kinda feels like YOUR baby...even though its not lol. So getting to do maintenance washes on it is sort of like visitation rights. Its only for an hour every 2 weeks but, its nice to be able to check up on it and see how its doing Fantastic job Wills! Thanks for taking the time to document and share your work here! I understand what you are saying about adopting a vehicle. You spend enough time with a full correction, that a part of you is the vehicle. Unfortunately, my jobs mostly consist of what I call - 1 hit wonders. Make 5 year old vehicles look new again. The closest I come to doing maintenance on any customer vehicles is the 1x per year complete detail. So if I were to answer Chris, not long.
  12. DLR Detailing

    Chevy Truck - Optimized

    Thanks for the kind words guys!
  13. DLR Detailing

    Wills - Windows And Wheels out of Az

    Good to have you here! Welcome to the most OPTIMUM place I know!
  14. DLR Detailing

    04' STI

    I don't know how I missed this? I'm kinda partial to Subaru, especially a well detailed one. Great job! Any issues with the paint during correction?