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  1. icemang17

    Looking for the ultimate shine!!!!

    After looking over the car doesn't need more wax.....I'll just stop with the 2 looks pretty good just sitting in my cluttered garage....
  2. icemang17

    Looking for the ultimate shine!!!!

    Anthony Okay I'll do that....I don't have to drive the car anytime 1 more opti seal for a total of 3 over 3 days with a Trade Secret topper on day 4......... It looks SO good right now...I really wanna take it out for a drive!!! That plus I need to clean the wheels.....
  3. Okay so I finally got around to properly polishing my guards red single stage paint 1988 928....DAMM that paint is hard as a rock...... Heres my procedure wash with ONR claybar with adams & adams QD polish with Lake white CCS 7.5" pads on my Makita rotary set to about 1000rpm with Opti polish review work..... certain spots needed more....cranked up makita to 1300rpm and went over again... minor improvement changed to Lake CCS Yellow (cutting) with Hyper compound on a section....almost 1500rpm didn't do much other than add minor swirls...damm this paint is HARD switched back to CCS white, opti polish @ 1000rpm to remove minor swirls...came right out lightly buffed the whole car twice with microfiber towels to make sure all the polish is gone put a coat of optiseal on yesterday put a 2nd coat on today... HERES THE ????? Tomorrow, do I put a third coat of optiseal or put a coat of Trade Secret carnuba-blend to attempt to increase the gloss.... So what will look the best....... BTW the car looks SUPER slick right now....damm
  4. icemang17

    Opti-Seal over Poli Seal?

    Just make sure you give the poli seal bit of time to cure 1st.....if you apply the OS too quickly it might cause some minor hazing....that buffs right off
  5. icemang17

    Prisoner Van from hell !!!

    Anthony I'm still waiting on my tutorial!!! I'm sure its worth the wait! I thought about polishing the 928 today....but the opti seal still looks great 6 months later!
  6. icemang17

    Opti-Seal Demonstration

    Great video........ I have found that if you layer opti seal on top of another wax (typically poliseal for me) without giving the proper curing time for the 1st coat of wax it will streak a bit, which typically comes off with just a microfiber....or a quick spray of quick detailer....
  7. icemang17

    A recent Opti-Sealed vehicle

    Nice work...WOW
  8. Okay I got my Makita 9227 yesterday & tried it out today on my old test hood.......needless to say it did a very good job correcting some messed up scratches that will never come out, but they do look better.....whats really odd is how the section I polished as a test does look much better, but the polishing revealed some serious pitting in the paint? The pitting is everywhere, but you can't see it as much on the scratched up sides? I started with a CCS white with opti polish @600rpm....gradually moving up to 1300rpm or so....then decided to go big and see what I put on the yellow cutting CCS pad with hyper compound set to just under 1500rpm......this did improve things quite a bit...& really didn't add much in terms of marring or swirls, almost none really....even when I intentionally left the buffer in the same spot for 5 seconds with moderate pressure..... then I reversed back to the white CCS with polish at 900 down to 600.......then black CCS with poli-seal at just about 750rpm........ followed by a coat of opti-seal..... Heres the pics
  9. icemang17

    Sneek Peek.

    Ron VERY nice......paint doesn't look that bad to me???
  10. icemang17

    The Ultimate No Rinse Test

    BTW You know the sweet green 964 turbo is for sale????
  11. icemang17

    The Ultimate No Rinse Test

    UNREAL....unreal how neglected that mondial is & even more unreal how much better UNR made it look
  12. Does anyone use this orbital machine....of course the adds make it sounds like its the best thing out there, which I thought the cyclo was.... I need a new buffer....I've been using a friends PC...but they just don't have enough power to really correct anything....even with compound and LC yellow pads..... For minor polishing and waxing I like the standard PC, since its light and easy to move.....but think I need something stronger for the UMD a good choice, or just spend the $$$ and step up to a rotary and be careful.....the makita will go down to 600rpms.....thats slow enough to not really burn much.... I dunno
  13. icemang17

    Optisealed Acura..WOW

    Anthony Its called "redondo red pearl".....great color......medium deep red with a bunch of gold fleck in it.....sweet in the sun! They don't make that color anymore...a similar color, but with less metallic fleck to it......
  14. icemang17

    Optisealed Acura..WOW

    Everyone thanks!! The pictures really don't show the shine at its best! You gotta see it in the sun to really see it....I took more pics today, but they just don't look right!
  15. icemang17

    Optisealed Acura..WOW

    I finally got around to detailing my wifes acura.....heres what I did 1: Wash 2: Claybar 3: polish (opti polish, LC white, PC set to 5) 4: 1 coat opti seal Thats it......yesterday I finished, but the shine really didn't impress me....a little flat I I let it cure and today....WOW...much better...super slick and shiney!! Heres a pic inside the garage...the paint looks like a mirror! Amazing....