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    Forum doesnt look all that user friendly

    Hey! Wow i didn't even know i could access the forum thru a differennt URL. I usually access it thru the store and it sucked because i was always gong right, left etc.... thanks guys, its perfect now! Maybe its a good idea if the Forum can be linked the the optimumforum.org? just a thought... I do have a 13' laptop but the resolution is on 1280X800... thanks guys!!!!
  2. Godfather

    Optimum POwer Clean

    I use ONR, can i rinse/clean the tire with that after sing OPC full strength?
  3. Hi guys, So i just ended up placing an order for 1617 Optimum Protectant (Leather/Vinyl/Rubber) (128oz) 1616 Optimum Power Clean™ All Purpose Cleaner (128oz) 1611 Optimum Opti-Bond Tire Gel (128oz) 1610 Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine (128oz) I Already use ONR, optimum wax and opti seal. and i thought i move to optimum all together:) So im sorry for my stupid questions but im just curious. I understand i need to dilute powerclean with 1:3 when cleanning wheels, tires etc, and 1:10 when cleaning Leather seats, dash, door etc. So do you just spray and wipe? or are you suppose to let it sit for few mins and buff? Also for optimum protectant, im planning on using it for the dash, and leather, as well as my matts. Do i just put it on a micro fiber tower and apply and let it dry? Do i need to buff it off after some time? or do i buff it off right away? I tried searching but can't find any info, the link to FAQ about this product seems to be broken. I will be applying Opti bond by hand, so prob going to use a dirty terry towell.. Is that a good idea? thanks, and sorry for asking these stupid questions,its 1 in the morning and im off to sleep.....
  4. Godfather

    New Optimum Protectant Plus

    Hi, Just a quick question, Since you used Zaino for leather how do you compare the smell of zaino vs OPP? Im currently using Zaino, and wanted to know the difference before placing a order for 128oz:) Edit: I just ordered OPP last night..I just hope the smell is somewhat close to the smell of Zaino. Zaino smells the bestt on leather...
  5. Godfather

    Forum doesnt look all that user friendly

    Hey Anthony, I will post few pics when i get back on tuesday...heading out of town first thing in the morning... Thanks,
  6. Hey guys, Not sure where to post this but i find this forum to be really akward, i mean the style of it. I think it could be done a lot better. Since its build in the site, its doesn't look as good. I always have to scroll Right, left etc..and when posting a thread, everything is out of place. Im sure its not my computer because i checked it on another computer and it was the same thing...
  7. Godfather

    Have i been using OCW wrong?

    Thanks guys,
  8. Hey guys, I been using OCW for few months, however i was using it few days ago and my buddy said i was using it wrong. This is what i was doing..Spray on, and buff it till it drys on the pannel. He told me your just suppose to spray and wipe and move on and let the pannel dry by it self.. Which is the properway? thanks
  9. Godfather

    Ordered Spray wax!

    Hey guys, So i ended up placeing an order for Spray wax 128Oz bottle:O...now i will need to find a windex bottle in the house where i can put osw..loll... i dont think i will run out of the 128oz bottle, i will be using it weekly, but even than... can i use spray wax over glass, wheels, rubber? thanks,
  10. Godfather

    Zaino Z8 vs Spray wax

    Hey, I currently use all Zaino products, and was interested in switching over to optimum. is optimum spray wax the same thing or similar to Zaino Z8? both are sealants, but is optimum coming out with something to compete with Zaino Z2? thanks
  11. Godfather

    Used ONR today and......

    Thanks Anthony, I can't wait to try other optimum products this summer:)...
  12. Godfather

    Used ONR today and......

    Thanks guys, i appreciate the help!
  13. Hey guys, I tried ONR today and the product is amazing! I can't believe how clean the car is, i wouldn't even be surprised if after this wash, my car was cleaner compared to the regular wash. Really good stuff, i just wish i used this stuff before and i would of saved tons of money. $15/weekly:(... For washing the car, i'm guesing 1oz is two full caps, mixed into one gallon of water, however i mixed 3 full caps of ONR into one gallon water and the problem which occured was i ran out of water when i was almost finished with my car, (is this normal? Should i add more water? I usually like to put more solution to mix just because that way i feel safer, so can i add more solution to the water if i increase the amount of water? Also, once you wipe each pannel with the mf towel, do you usually rinse and squeeze out the MF or just dump the mf back into the bucket? I wasn't squeezing the mf so im not sure if i did anything wrong. once again, really amazing product!