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  1. Zombie post I guess, but you can get disposable filters for HVLP paint guns you could put on your blow gun to filter out the majority of the oil from the air.
  2. How much protection does Opti-Bond offer from UV and ozone? Is it similar to 303? I was planing to use 303 on a gelcoat fiberglass boat and am curious if OB can be used i n the same manner.
  3. gofastman

    2 product critiques

    I got the 17 oz ready to use size, smells really strong.
  4. gofastman

    2 product critiques

    Would it be possible to make the car wash more concetrated without affecting its other great properties? Take Chem. Guys CW&G for example, you use 1 oz per 4 or 5 gallons. I would just like to see a 32 oz bottle go a little farther than it does. Second, OID smells good but it has to much fragrance, could it be dialed back a bit? The bubble gum scent makes me a little ill when its that strong.
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    OB spray gun offered by AG

    Yep, an HVLP gun is the way to go, saves so much product its nuts
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    some one should create an OPT facebook page
  7. second question: does hyper compound or OCII have more cut? which finishes better?
  8. Would Compound II or Hyper compound be a better choice? Im thinking I want something on the level of Meguiars 83 DACP, but isnt a PITA to work with like 83
  9. gofastman

    ONR Color Change

    rather than start a new thread I'll bump this for an answer
  10. Hello all, first post here! I'm really impressed with the new stuff I got from OPT and I have a few questions. Does poly seal paired with a LC CCS white pad have enough oomph to clear up any haze OP2 and a LC purple wool pad would leave behind? Is there any harm in not wiping off the residue from OP2 before moving to P/S? How much polish should I be using for a whole car?