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  1. Grouse

    new forum idea Detailing Business forum

    I'll put in my two cents on a question or two. I need to know more specifically what you want to know about.
  2. Grouse

    Optimum Carpet Cleaner!

    LOL i sent Scottwax his first sample of Bi-o-kleen traffic lane cleaner, then his gallon. Pro-chem is a large carpet, uphostery, leather, tile etc company. For general soils, oils and grime i use prochem ultra-pac LVC for carpets and uphostery in cars, trucks and Suv's. I then filter down to prochems spotters as needed. For vehicles with mostly food grime IE kids, dogs, Etc I move over to bi-o-kleen's traffic lane cleaner as my preconditioner. I still pre spot most everything with prochem spotters. I use Red- relief, and Stain magic from Pro's choice for red and orange dyes depending on if they are natural or synthetic food grade dyes. For yellow staining I use pro's choice urine stain remover.
  3. Grouse

    Carpet H E L P!!!

    more to the point red relief by pro's choice is for synthetic food dyes, IE red drinks, or decaffinated coffee. Stain magic is for natural dyes. Coffee, tanin from wood or leather, real fruit juice. Reduction process is tricky. besure your towels are damp, the iron is clean. and check every 15 seconds. if it is a large stain besure to wipe the iron clean of that white powdery residue. As that will bleach the fibers.
  4. Grouse

    New Stuff for your wheels!

    tag for posterity and future. I am excited about larger sizes of ONR. and tire products. Let me know when i can order a sample of each.... If i like it i will buy in bulk.
  5. Grouse

    Optimum Carpet Cleaner!

    Got ya, can i get a few more specifics? PH, byutal content, etc etc.
  6. Grouse

    Optimum Carpet Cleaner!

    Question, why not fit an existing product from any of the major carpet cleaning chemical manufactures. Instead of building one from the ground up. I could name a dozen or so products that would meet the requirements for 95% of all cars. <carpet, upholstery, leather cleaning, restoration, repair tech for 10 years.
  7. Grouse

    No Rinse and wheels

    I actually use onr as my clay lube, after compound/polish wipe downs. I used to use 50/50 ach/water but that became annoying and the headaches did not ever stop. Windows interior and exterior to moisten towels for wax removal.
  8. Grouse

    Leather Conditioner?

    been a fan of leather masters for years. I also like einszett's leather cream for simple clean and conditions.
  9. Which product or set of products is this? Can it be sprayed through a spray gun off a air hose. any information would be helpful. ~Aaron