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  1. cptzippy

    Hello from Hawaii

    Aloha and welcome
  2. cptzippy

    Problems logging in?

    No problem here. I’m doing this from my iPad.
  3. cptzippy

    Chicago Auto Pros testing

    Been watching these for a while. Curious what is going on with that trunk lid. There seemed to be a user error with the products he used on the first test, he didn’t let them cure. Really not sure about the Optiseal apparent failure.
  4. cptzippy

    Hi from Philadelphia

  5. On other forums there are always those who downgrade ONR and rinseless technology in general. “It’s fine for lightly dusty,” they’ll say. “I guess if you don’t have any other options,” they say. When I say I’ve been using it for over a decade with less marring than two bucket, it’s because I just have hard paint (though we’re talking about 7 cars including 4 notoriously soft Japanese paint jobs) or I’m a dunce who doesn’t know what marring is or my favorite, that I’m lying. Does it ever bother any of y’all when folks dismiss you or your process for using ONR?
  6. cptzippy

    MINI detailing

    Put some OCW on it today.
  7. cptzippy

    MINI detailing

    Took care of the MINI today. Topped it off with Optiseal and about an hour later when over it with OID.
  8. cptzippy

    Why should I use Gloss Coat in 2022?

    I’ve been using optimum a long time and I also know that opinions aren’t always based on facts. I’d like to know just how gloss coats stands up. Durability for instance. I know there are many factors that go into this. I see some say that it will meet or exceed the 2 year mark but I also read that I should expect no more than 9 months.
  9. Really depends on how stuck/baked in the bug is. Just ONR will work some times and sometimes an onr dilution soaked paper towel on it for a moment will work. I recently got a jersey bug sponge from the rag company and it seems to work well. if all else fails the power clean will get it usually. I’ve even used clay on a really bad bug corpses.
  10. This is sort of an off shoot of a thread I started in the ONR section. There I mentioned that on other forums Optimum is not as recommended as other brands any more. This is especially true in the consumer coating arena. When I see gloss coat mentioned, it is described as lasting less than one year and lacking in gloss and hydrophobic qualities. The only good point people seem to mention is that it is easy to apply. When it came time to try a coating, I went with the recommended CarPro products and used C.Quartz Lite. As a long time Optimum user, I want to give gloss coat a chance so… Why should I choose Gloss Coat versus all the other products available in 2021?
  11. cptzippy

    ONR vs new products

    That’s kind of where I’m at Lost V. I have loved using OPT products for the last decade plus but the last time I ordered detailing stuff I didn’t choose optimum for what I needed.
  12. Been using ONR since 2009 (just saw where my original thread was resurrected in ‘18) and been happy with it. However, there are a lot of products in the category now. Are they pretenders to the throne or have they passed it by? I’m asking here because in other forums (Autogeek, autopia) the consensus seems to be that some of the other products are better now. Bonus question: does ONR interfere with SIO2 coatings? Put some CQuartz lite on my wife’s car* and want to know if ONR’s polymers will negatively effect it. *another example of the ‘prevailing wisdom’ being against OPT. Was told gloss coat will barely last a year and that the CarPro offerings are far superior.
  13. Yvan shows in several videos using Spray wax as a clay lube for a clay towel. I’d like to do this but prefer using an old fashion clay bar (pinnacle ultra fine atm). Can I do this?If yes, do I use the ‘place the clay where I spray’ that he demonstrates or should I spray the wax broader across the panel? Also thought of leaving the ONR residue (ie not drying the panel) when I do this for added lubrication.
  14. cptzippy

    Matte wheels

    What sealant etc should I use on matte wheels?
  15. I'm an opticlean fan and like it better than ONR for waterless so different strokes. I've pushed the limits of both products with good results. Think either should handle pollen easily.