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  1. cptzippy

    Matte wheels

    What sealant etc should I use on matte wheels?
  2. I'm an opticlean fan and like it better than ONR for waterless so different strokes. I've pushed the limits of both products with good results. Think either should handle pollen easily.
  3. cptzippy

    Layering OOS

    Found the answer to the first part in the q & a -- d'oh
  4. cptzippy

    Layering OOS

    Is there a benefit to layering Optiseal? If so, how many layers?
  5. I need to do spring clean on my MINI fabric convertible top. In past I've used the raggtop kit but if requires a full traditional wash. Is there a waterless/rinse less way to clean it?
  6. cptzippy

    OOC inplace of ONR and ID&GE?

    So what waterless do you see as more cost effective? and does that product do the job as well?
  7. cptzippy

    OCW in the ONR Bucket Followed by OS

    An ounce per two gallons is what I read.
  8. cptzippy

    Brushes and ONR

    I know Ranney out at PakShak has them.
  9. Is there a brush/type of brush that works with ONR? I'm specifically looking for something to use one my wheels - they have lost of tiny nooks and crannies. Was thinking of BHB or similar?
  10. cptzippy

    The Line between Opticlean and ONR

    Seems like from other forums that most people are just using it like a glorified QD. Am I the only one who is actually using it on a dirty car?
  11. cptzippy

    Hand stains

    Can't answer your question but can't pass up the chance to ask how your hand is sheeting water - lol
  12. I've found with careful techniques I can clean pretty dirty cars with ONR. I read somewhere that you should only use Opticlean on mildly dusty cars (of course many use to say that about ONR). My question is, where is the line (in grime) between using Opticlean and ONR?
  13. Hope I got all the abbreviations right. I read somewhere that you can add an ounce of OCW (Optimum Car Wax) into the bucket with your ONR wash and do a wash and wax. I haven't tried it yet but think I will soon. This lead me to another thought. I believe I remember that Optimum Products aren't terribly picky about order of application. So I'm guessing that putting on Optiseal after doing this wouldn't be a problem - right? TIA, Tony
  14. The paint is question - Jaguar Glacial White - 1994 vintage Machine: Venerable (read underpowered) PC 7336 (variety of pads)
  15. Dug around a UK detailing site and found this: http://www.detailingworld.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=195294 and http://www.detailingworld.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=190214 (pictures are gone but still interesting to read)