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    Awesome job you both did..........looks so wet........
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    Optimum Polish 2 Review

    Thanks for the information Brian................
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    Welcome HG.............!
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    Hi Brian........Welcome abroad
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    Welcome to Optimum forums, i'm in the Tampa Bay area......
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    Hello from Florida

    Welcome mi amigo!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Got a call late last night for this one to do, My process was wash 2 bucket method then dry off and inspect the finish. Finish was in great shape only was dirty and some swirls too. Clay and then tape off all rubber trim (it had alot). UDM with orange LC CCS pad with SIP , then follow up with 106FF white LC CCS pad. Then did a 50/50 for inspection of finish, everything looking good so far. Then wash again and dry off before using Opti-seal X 2 coats, wheels dress with RL Tire and trim Dressing, glass clean with stoners , interior vac and dress with 303 and wells dress with AA. All comments welcome and today was a overcast day with some rain showers too. Thanks for looking everyone,..........................................................Update it's still beading and looking great !!!!!! ] Thanks everyone and thanks for making Opti-Seal!
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    Welcome Rob!!!!!!!!
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    Optimum shirts

    Anthony don't forget to post some pictures of the shirts !
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    Cool idea!
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    So far i have 4 coats of opti-seal and the shine and wetness is be on my wildness dreams, hopefully in the morning i can read the sunday paper (small print) off the shine. So far a few people have been looking at my car at work and home and wonder what i have done to my car. I'm very happy with this product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Opti-Seal Meets Mini Cooper

    Yes! and more! thanks for a great product, can't wait to see it in the morning. angelo
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    Opti-Seal Meets Mini Cooper

    Looks great, From the pics it so wet and red!. Did mine today (2 coats) and in the morning i will do one more before i go to work in the morning.
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    Just finish up using opti-seal, have 2 coats and the shine is so great (every hour goes by)., Its gets better looking. Use about 1/5 of a oz for 2 coats(waited 1 1/2 hr between coats). It reminds me of a product i use about 20 yrs ago, i think it was made by automagic, brought it a car show and it was a milky color after one shake it up and apply then buff off. This opti-seal is better than that one product and easy to apply. I think you guys hit a home run with opti-seal!!!! and i will be using this for now on! thank you for a great product!!!!! also the more time it been on there the more shine it gets!!!!!! P.S. i don't have a camera because mine was stolen a few weeks back, sorry about that, but i know the pics will be coming in from everybody else. Thanks guys!!!!!!!!
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    Finally, OPTI-SEAL is ready for release!!

    Got mine today, will be using it on friday. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!