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  1. srhtx

    Deep South Texas

    WOW!! I haven't detailed a vehicle since 2013 and I'm going to get back into detailing vehicles again. Now that I've relocated back down to the Rio Grande Valley (Harlingen, McAllen, Brownsville, South Padre Island), I have past clients and new clients waiting for me to get back into detailing vehicles again. I do plan on going to the new training event in October to get Certified so I can learn a lot more new things that what I already know. What I'm going to focus on right now is the wash, clay and wax one step deal. I see new car dealerships everywhere that can't even wash a new car properly. Anyways, enough of this. I look forward to get going with detailing vehicles again. I just need to start finding all of my old detail things and order new products so I can get things rolling. Stephen R. Hollon, Jr Harlingen, TX (956) 357-7696
  2. You should see a picture that my friend took when I was puting on the Opti-Coat. The passenger rear looks like it had a wrap on it with all of those awsome reflextions from where my supplies are stored.
  3. I love that blue on the Cobra. I do not think there where many Cobras in the blue. This Cobra will spank the GT500 without a problem. lol
  4. Hello Everyone, Man. It has been over a year since I've posted anything. I have a client who just bought this '03 Ford SVT Cobra with less than 40k miles on it. Needless to day, it has a "few" mods. I did detail the interior, however, I did not take any pics of it since the exterior was the main problem. The blue is a nice and rare 10th Anniversary Cobra. The previus owner had some paint work done to it, but, it's hard to figure out what was done to it and I've looked everywhere. No body damage to it what so ever. Anyways, here is what I used: Wash: Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine Clean wheels/tires: Optimum Power Clean Compound: Dewalt 849 with Wool Puffing Pad with Farecla Total Dry Use Liquid Compound (Clear Coat had too many fine deep scrathes in it) Compound: Flex Buffer with Optimum Hyper Compound using the 6.5" Optimum Orange Foam Pad Polish: Flex Buffer with Optimum Hyper Spray Polish using the 6.5" Optimum Green Foam Pad Optimum Opti-Coat - Paint, rubber moldings. Most everything on the outside of the Cobra. Tires: Optimum Opti-Bond Tire Shine I had the Cobra for a few days working on it when I had a free moment. This is NOT a daily driver. Just a play toy. Enjoy the pictures!!
  5. srhtx

    Odd Question

    Does the Opti-Coat work on old classic vehicles, such as '60s & '70s vehicles? I will be seeing one person with over 30 vehicles late this week. Some of them have under 1,000 miles on them and I want to be able to put the Opti-Coat on the paint so they will not have to be waxed anymore. Please let me know. Thanks!! Stephen
  6. srhtx

    OC on a Jet Ski

    I have a friend who just purchased at boat at the Bass Pro Shop down here in Harlingen. I'm going to place the Opti-Coat to it before it hits the water. It will be kept in a warehouse not too far away from the Gulf of Mexico in the ranch land. If I'm allowed to take pics, I will try to post it here in the forum.
  7. srhtx

    Lots of streaking after application. :(

    I have a question about what it looks like after 24 hours of being on a vehicle. Is the paint going to collect dirt/dust like crazy? I'm working on a '11 Dodge Ram 3500 Dully with a major lift kit on it. That lift kit is why I have not finished it. LOL Too darn tall where there is nothing that allows me to reach the top of the roof. Anyways..... The paint feels very course and dirty. Is it suppose t feel like that? I know there are very few areas where there are makes, from not being wiped down all of the way, showing on its black paint. I've removed the marks but, the next day, the paint feels very course like the paint needs to be clayed. How is the paint suppose to feel the next to few days after you are done?
  8. srhtx

    Porsche Bumper Wetsanding

    I hate to ask a dumb question, but, I do not see a video link in here?.?.
  9. CORRECTION!!!!! I do not know why I said it but, I never used Megs APC+ on engines. I only have used Amazing Roll-Off (1/4) to Water (3/4). The ARO works very well but, when I run out of that, It's going to be the OPC. Again, my bad.
  10. srhtx

    Spray Compound and Polish

    Just be careful of the sprayers. Mine keep going bad.
  11. Well, I have a client with an '05 Evo that I will use for test and show. I have to change the XPEL Headlight film since It has the Very Dark Smoke cover that he can't see the roads at night when he drives it. I will be placing a light smoke film on the lights this afternoon. After talking with David, he is going to send me a small sample of the new Opti-Clean to test on the Evo. I'm going to detail the engine before I change the headlight film. I have a gallon of the Opti Power Clean that I have not used. I will wash the engine with that. Anthony advised me he does 1/4 power clean & 3/4 water. The same way I use Megs APC+. This Evo will be ab on-going project for me. I will try to post some pics of it.
  12. srhtx

    Tire Shine vs. Tire Gel

    I know what you ment. I see Anthony doing that all the time when I go to shop in San Antonio. When I detail a vehicle, especially mine, I put dressing on tires by hand. I never spray anything onto tires. Not my style. All is cool.