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This is for the Optimum wax from the OPT site:

Conditions to avoid:

Auto Surface temperatures below 55F or greater than 90F-makes sense

Heavy oxidation or dirt buildup- makes sense

Over application- WHAT?



Now what does over application actually mean? Don't use too much product? Don't use it too often? If so, what is too often? This really needs some clarification, ya think? From those who are in the know let's hear what this really common man's lingo please. Totally confusing to this old dog because it's not definitive in any way shape or form. I use the product about twice a week along with ONR (mixed as a QD) in between Optimum Wax applications to knock out dust, etc. prior to the Optimum wax. WHAT is over application and why is it a no-no?

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It means using too much in one application and not using too often.


What can happen is that overloading the area or the towel may cause some streaking or smearing. It only takes a few ounces of Optimum spray wax to wax an average 4 door sedan,



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So providing that I have enough sense to use more than one MF towel I shouldn't do it too often? I don't mean to be a prod but what is too often? What harm will come if I choose to use it daily on my car? I mean no offense but your answer is no more definitive than the things I posted above. I'm not looking to cause a problem here, I LOVE the product, but what does not using too often actually mean? Weekly is too much, monthly, what?

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