Extreme Makeover: Black Porsche Boxster

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Ron and I have about 2 weeks worth of details coming up, this does not include our regular clients, so we have had to work just about everyday of the week. We even worked through the days of rain we had here. This Porsche is owned by a gentleman that just wanted a wash and wax, as his secretary put it, well after talking to him a bit I convinced him his Boxster needed some love.


It had a large ding in it in the driver rear quarter panel, one ding in the driver side front fender and two nipples on the front and rear lids. Ron took care of those and di an impressive job on the large ding above the driver rear wheel. Sorry, no pictures of those.


Then it was on to the interior. It had your basic gunk and grime which cleaned up well. I finished the interior Friday afternoon and this morning (Saturday) Ron and I tackled the exterior.


Here is a picture of the Boxster BEFORE getting washed.








Here is the rear lid









After the wash this is what it looked like under my halogens.









Not too pretty. Ron and I knew that we would need the Optimum Hyper but what pad to start with was the question. I tried the Optimum black wool pad first with the Hyper but this left far too many swirls. I then did another panel with the orange pad and Hyper and this turned out much better with minimal swirling.




Here is a picture of another panel, passenger door.












After the orange pad and Hyper I used the Optimum green pad and again Hyper Compound. This left us with a pretty nice finish but not at all what we were looking for. So we then used an LC white polishing pad with Optimum Polish, Optimum blue pad with Optimum polish and finished the rotary work with an Optimum white pad and Optimum Polish.


I quickly ran the Cyclo over the paint with Optimum Polish and Ron followed me with Optimum spray wax.





Ready for a few AFTER pics?





Well here is the rear lid after all that polishing















Here is the front hood















Here is a picture of the rear window, BEFORE








Here is AFTER. Now alot of stuff on the BEFORE picture is just dirt but there was some hazing and yellowing that the polishing removed. I used my rotary and a white pad on the exterior with Optimum polish and did the interior by hand.









This was one LONG detail.....PHEW!!


Thanks for looking,


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Anthony did'nt mention that when I repaired the dings it took over two hours and this was a few days prior to the detail day while the dealer was working on it. This thing was Beat Up! It really looks better then the new ones on the lot

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Amazing work there, Anthony! I can see you do a lot of Porsches. Gotta admit, I'm jealous. Hands down, if I had the money a Cayman is what I would get. What I find so impressive about that whole detail was the fact that you did that entire car with only two correcting products! That just goes to show how many different ways and results you can get with the OPT products. By far my favorite aspect is the work time that the Compound II has. It still blows me away every time I use it.

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