OP - Poly Seal and Cyclo and PC

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I used OP today for the first time and started with my Cyclo, OP and green pads on 06 Chill Red Mini Cooper with minor swirls and couple very minor scratches. After about hour of polishing I pulled it out the garage into the sun light and check my progress with was almost nothing didn’t even begin to remove the swirls. I have used IP with green pads on my Cyclo and had very good success removing about the same level of swirls. I switched to the orange pads and Cyclo and world of difference – one good pass and the swirls were gone with zero marring, What a difference a pad can make, I was about to give up and go back to IP. After finishing most of the car with just one pass with the OP and orange pad I was *close* to the same finish it would have taken me both FP and IP to achieve. The only other hint I could give some just starting out with OP and Cyclo is use very little polish or it will take for ever to break down and if it doesn’t properly break down you will have a badly marred finish. All you need is about three small pea size dabs per pad to do a 2 foot by 2 foot area.


Also tried to use Poly-Seal with the Cyclo and a white pad and found that it just flashed to fast. I pulled out the PC and green pad seemed to work best. You seem to have use a lot product to be effective at speed 6 and to get any real work time you need to slow down the PC to about 3 or 4. Poly-Seal reminds me so what of POR85RD, just seems to kick the finish up to the next level and I know it does contain some wax. Seams to have good cleaning ability with some very light abrasives and over all a really nice AIO type product.


Over all I very happy with the out come and will probably use this combo quite often. I will probably stick with my FP/POR85RD on soft black but OP on most other colors.


I should have a good base for Opt-Seal -- right? :(


Not pictures my wife has the camera on vacation with her. Sorry.

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Hey Dennis great to hear of your success with the Optimum. Ron and I use orange pads perhaps more than the whites pads as they can both correct and finish down very nice.


In regards to Poli-Seal.....PS isn't flashing off but rather it buffs CLEAR. There is no residue with PS nor will you see any...it basically melts into the finish leaving you with a slight residue to remove. Use the same PS as OP and while you can't see it it's there doing its job.



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