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What should I do ? I paid a Authorize installer from optimum website to apply opti-pro on my truck, installer had my truck from 8-19-2014 to 8-23-2014....I paid for paint correction and opti-pro and opti guard on truck still has swirl marks, scratches and all the imperfections from before the installer received my vehicle, after some inspection from other detailers in my area I was told no coating was applied to my truck. I called the installer to inform him of the information I obtained now he wants me to drop off my vehicle so he can reapply the opti coat, now I'm feeling like I do not want this detail shop to touch my vehicle again, I paid 1000.00 for opti coat that was never applied to my truck, I have my paid invoice just in case this matter goes to court, but I do not want to go through the trouble but I will if I have to ....please what should I do ?

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