How thick is the coating?


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Trying to do the basic math to determine how much I need to buy to coat my SUV


I have read accounts on various Forum of Opti-Coat 2.0 users coating a sedan with 5-7ml



To make things easier we will assume:


- No product volume is lost due to absorption by the applicator


- No product volume is lost due to evaporation


- Product coating thickness of 1 micron



To make it more useable for everyone, I thought a good starting place would be to establish how much coating is applied to a 12" x 12" area at a thickness of 1 micron.


I am stumbling with the math, which should be simple


Convert Inches to Microns and then Volume = Length x Width x Height



A little help, please



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Guest tungpk

I sent my car, Honda HRV for opti coat pro by professional detailer. I noticed there are still a lot in the syringe, only very very little been applied. But I m not sure how much the cc or ml been applied.


May I know, should the detailer apply opti coat to my car until the syringe finished? Tq

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Optimum recommends the installer use an entire syringe, applying a second coat to the leading edges if product is left. Product usage is variable depending on car size, surfaces covered (glass, wheels, door jams, etc), and how heavy the layer.

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