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If I may, I'm not what one might call a "practicing christian", if that is defined as being a member of a specific congregation or theology (in christian terms), but I still can't help but think that the basic lesson or the concept of ressurection and forgiveness, is one for all people here and now, in our daily lives.

Consider this...

In your daily life, how many people have REALLY pissed you off? Of those, how much energy did that steal from you, and for what period of time? did you ever feel your face get that mad look? If so, what do you think the rest of your system was doing?

My point is that all of the "good books" are made up of the same wisdom. Do unto others, and forgiveness, and especially acceptance.

Now I'm not real good at acceptance, but I am good at knowing my place. I'm my view, (and that's mine alone) God, no matter how you envision that entity, didn't come to me and say, "You're in charge." Therefore, I don't belive it's my place to judge. I may have feelings and thoughts, but I'm not the guy getting anyone in the gates.

As far as I can tell, I'm just lucky to be here! I'm a retired Marine combat sniper, who did his job well, and was decorated.

This may sound contrary, but I'm about living and letting live. If you accept true Christian teaching, that's what Jesus was all about. Christianity is about forgiveness, acceptance, and leadership, by example. That, to me, is what I learned as a Marine. Obviously there was a clear sin that had to become, for me, an acceptable part of my mission, but I also truely believed in the mission itself.

Given the choice, I trained to never use my skills. However, my skills might prevent others from committing the above mentioned sin against my countrymen.

Anyway, having studied numerous religions and philsophies, I've come to the conclusion that, regardless of specific reiligon, all others(excluding the radicals in all religions) hold the same basic truths as their way of life in faith.

Do unto others, faith first, vengeance belongs to God alone. Do your best if you want to get where you want to ultimately go.

So... how does this faith cause so much conflict?


This should be the study of our time.


Why have we stopped trying to understand one another?

Why have we stopped walking the path of Jesus, or Buddha, or even the great civil rights leaders like Ghandi, or Walesa?

Do we not care?


On this day, let us consider our place, and the great fortune we have. Though history disagrees, it is clear that Jesus was born to a relatively poor family. The Buddha traveled impoverished. Ghandi embraced the still common beggars life in India.

No matter how it is for us, could it not be SO much worse?

It may be Easter, but regardless of religion, do we not owe it to ourselves and our families to embrace our own rebirth on this day? Do we not, as men, owe ourselves a day when we say to ourselves that we will eradicate certain traits from our lives? Is this not a day to ask the question... "Is it not time to forgive those who I have held contemptuous?"

My thought is...If not today, than when?

It strikes me that there will never be enough change in my wallet to pay the toll, so I had better pray for forgiveness. If not, I can go where I have already earned a damned room.

This is all up to you guys.

I just thought it was worth a moment of consideration.



Gnry Sgt.


U.S.Marine Corps ret.

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Thought provoking words Ehall...which I always like and am drawn to.


Let me slip out of my "detailers shoes" for a brief moment and into my "theology shoes" and perhaps I can add a bit of something to your thoughts...or at least answer some of them. Or it may only lead to more questions, either way let's dive in :thumbsupup[1]:


First, all mankind is bound or in bondage to one sin....not many sins. There are of course many sins but they all fall under one "main" sin, which is "unbelief". The world denies the One who came to Redeem mankind and this is the "unpardonable sin". Too many "scholars" make far too much out of the unpardonable sin but if they would just read the context of those passages they would grasp that Jesus was plainly stating that to deny Him and to die in that state of denial is to then die in your sin....which is "unbelief". It is the one sin that cannot be forgiven..."in this age or in the age to come".


Secondly, the redemption of sin lies in the innocent shedding their blood for the unrighteous. This idea or pattern can be seen as far back as Adam and Eve. They sinned or rebelled against God and they knew their sin...they sought to hide from God for they were ashamed. God calls out to Adam...."Adam, where are you?" Most likely not because God is dumb and didn't know where Adam was but more along the lines of...."Adam, where do you stand (in relation to Me now)? You see the relationship of God being God the Father to Adam had not changed but rather their "fellowship" had been broken. Much like when one of my kids lies to me for instance. Our relationship of father/son/daughter has not changed for in fact it cannot change but rather our fellowship, our trust in and with one another has been injured, broken.


Something must be done to mend it. In the case of my kids and me or I with them (or anyone in that matter) comes when one seeks forgiveness and repents and the other accepts and forgives. In the case with God and Adam, God sheds the blood of an innocent animal and covers their nakedness (sin). Notice though that Adam had first tried to cover his nakedness with leaves. This is equal to someone trying to make it on their own in regards to salvation. They try and cover up their sin on their own, doing things, performing rituals but in the end they must keep doing it and doing it. Much like Adam would of needed to continually get more and more leaves to cover his nakedness (sin) because the leaves would just wither and die eventually. So God, in His love and grace, gave Adam a more permanent covering for his sin and by so doing the blood/life of the innocent was shed for the guilty. This is a picture of the Lord, the Messiah (also known as the Lamb and Lion) and His "once for all" sacrifice. When one seeks forgiveness God removes it totally and completely. There is nothing left for us to do but live in His grace and to grow in His knowledge. This is what Jesus meant on the cross just before He gave up His spirit....."It is finished". In the language of that day it is translated...."The dept is paid" or "Paid in full".


In your case Ehall, you performed a job and a duty. You did not "murder" but rather you killed in self defense. The Commandment in the Hebrew is "Thou shall not MURDER" and not "Thou shall not KILL". The Hebrew word refers to an act of "cold blooded killing". The question now remains, "Who is the Jesus to you (to everyone really)?"


Many have come and claimed...."I know of A way........." yet only Christ Jesus came and claimed....."I Am THE way" Know getting a bit deeper into theology, no one really "chooses" Jesus but rather before the foundations of the earth were laid, God already chose His children.


Christianity and Theology are wonderful, to not only study but to also live by. Sadly far too many make it seem so complicated and even more give Jesus, my Lord, a black eye.


Well I hope that wasn't boring or came off as a preaching sermon as I hoped to only shed a bit more light on the thought provoking subject. I love a passage in Scripture where God states....."Come, let us reason together" God is the center and source of Logic, of Thought and Truth.


Anthony..(now slipping back into his detailer shoes)

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