To presoak or not presoak? ONRww

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I stand corrected you should pre soak with onr on a uncoated car .  There goes any wax on that jeep the power clean took care of  that lol.  I do notice how easy the dirt comes of with just a hose I guess because  of the gloss coat  on my car  all the more reason to  get the gloss coat or the pro.  Never realy liked using the presure washer .  Ok I will give in I will give the car  a pre soak with onr I will use my  pro  ik sprayer the one that you  can pressurize  and see what happens . 

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Ok so I put some onr in my pro ik sprayer and  pumped it up to 50psi with my compressor.  I now have a pressure washer with onr lol.   It's enough pressure  with the  long wand to soak the whole car  and get in all the gaps in a few minutes.  I did not rinse the car   so maybe we can get even Ron to do this lol.  I gave it a few minutes got my bucket and onrww  and several wash mitts ready. I then rinsed off the car and washed with my onrww.  When my wash mitt is dirty I just get another one  so I am always looking at my mitt.  The car has it's normal  amount of dirt  on it but  i used less mitts  than normal.   So I guess more dirt was removed with the presoak and rinse . It did not realy remove the heavy  dirt from the skirting behind the wheels were I always  get a build up of dirt .  But I  like this  method it does not realy take any more time . I use more product  but the sprayer uses less than using a bucket and   spreads it out evenly and there's enough  in the sprayer to do 3 or 4 washes .  So I  will continue  with this method.   This will be good for the winter washing all I  need to do is find some one that's got some onr in stock lol.  

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