The ONR Leap of Faith

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Well I finally did it! After reading just about everything Anthony, Ron and Scottwax has posted on how to use ONR, I took the plunge. My car had a light coat of dust on it, so I felt this would be the perfect "baby step" in implementing it into my detailing arsenal.

I used about 3 gallons of water and added about 3 to 3.5 oz's of No Rinse.


I used a Megs MF/Chenille wash mitt to apply the water/solution and 2 waffle weaves to dry afterward. 1 WW for the bulk of the liquid, and the second as a follow up light polisher.


Well...the results are in and I must say I am pretty impressed. I did not notice any swirling or scratches in the paint and the water left behind in the bucket was filthy!!! The surface of the car had a nice slick,glossy finish.


I was a bit surprised in that the wash water did not feel as slippery as I was expecting. Frankly it water. I don't know if need to add a bit more No Rinse to overcome the hard water here where I live or whether ONR just isn't all that slippery.


Overall, a very pleasant experience. An intangible aspect of ONR was that I must add was that I did have a great sense of satisfaction knowing I wasn't wasting water and that nothing was being washed away into the street to points unknown. (Okay, there is my portion of treehugger-ness)


As is typical...another GREAT Optimum product!

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Hey thanks for that write up SteveH, great to hear your experience so far was pleasant :thumbsupup[1]:



As for the ONR being slippery....well you'll notice that more with water that is treated, like DI or RO water. It just takes on a slight slip, nothing too great.



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ONR is absolutely a fantastic product. I've done 100's of washes with it now in my mobile business and don't know how I worked without it. A few weeks ago I had a car that was a little dirtier than normal and I was crunched for time. I thought I'd do a normal soap wash and save a few minutes. I washed a single panel rinsed it and poured out the soapy water. Normal washing just didn't feel right anymore.

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Hi All,


I started using ONR about 6 mos ago. It is a great product! Unless my car has mud all over or in the wheel wells, I won't need to return to the traditional wash routine. ONR has saved me countless hours keeping my ride clean! All my friends/family are amazed at how easy ONR works and are now dedicated ONR users.


ONR is probably the most revolutionary product that I have ever tried. I'm eager to try the rest of Optimum's product line. I am already switching from 303 to Protectorant + for my dash and leather protection.



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