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One product finish - optimum hyper spray compound

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Picture before




How do you wash a car without the floor getting wet?


No water? lol!


I was talking about the machine that spreads the wax on the car.



are u referring to this

wax applied prior polish



on rotary???



drifting on the car bonnet


WHY MALAYSIAN never learn their lesson ????? turn over any bottle of wax - none that recommend or says it shall be good to be polished by rotary - & why turn to the road side fella just get the car wacked



1st area Wax with china make rotary???


hologram was visible once we remove the wax


results unveils -

results base on the level of correction, gloss restored & clarity with depth


1st area

wax with machines


lack of correction & gloss & very little clarity


2nd area consumer (OTC) product with DA


better but lack of clarity & definition


3rd area Optimum hyper spray compound with LC cutting pad with makita





the 4th area - done with optimum hyper spray compound through out till finishing - with makita

wool - cutting pad- polishing pad - finishing pad

one product finish



a compilation picture




for a full elaborated course pls check out here




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Love the four shot comparison picture. Really shows the improvement of the correct products.

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