sprayable hyper compound

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I have a question about the sprayer on the compound not fanning out. all i am getting is a stream that concentrates to on spot on the pad when applying. is it that am just not pulling the trigger hard enough.I have adjusted the nozzle to where it either cuts off or sprays. Ilove love the way it works when it get the pad primed. just getting a liitle sling of product when i start off. but it finishes down great. i will be getting a gallon just need to figure out how to get it to fan out on the pad. i will include some pictures when i get a chance.Thanks for a great product. Now off to work 12 hr. shifts this week. dont know how much i will get to work on the 57 this week till saturday. Jonathan

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I believe i have found the problem with the sprayer not putting out a pattern. i took the screw on nozzle off under it was a clear plastic cap with what looked like a series of S,s connected together. i pushed out on the S,s, this made them look like a fan. snapped the cap back on,an screwed the cap back on adjusted it. an had a nice fan pattern with a swift squeese of the trigger. It appeared that when the cap was screwd on, it mashed the S,s toegther on the snap on clear cap not letting the product to atomize, instead it just comes out in a stream. Hope this helps.


i tried to pm you but could not. Joanthan Hayes

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