Anyone Up For Some Live Chat??

Anthony Orosco

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I have purchased a Ventrillo server and up to 15 of us can log in and chat live for free! I want to know if anyone would be interested in setting some times where you can come in and chat with myself, Ron and maybe even David. Perfect venue for you to ask questions and get real time answers.....and maybe we can even give you the right answers ;)


All you'll need is a microphone and speakers....or better yet a headset with mic. I'll provide a link to download the software and how to connect.


Give me some feedback,


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OK, go here to download the software Ventrillo and click on the Windows i386 2.3.0 version.


After you download it go through the set up steps to install the program.


Then start the program and you'll notice a few empty boxes at the top where you'll need to enter some information.


The first box says "User Name" In this box you can create your name by clicking on the arrow just to the right of the drop down button. you'll then go to a box for "Set Up User". Click on "New" and enter the screen name you wish.


The next box is "Server". Click on the arrow to get into the "Connection Editor" and then click on "New". In this box you can enter "Optimum Server" or what ever you want so as to identify it among other ventrillo clients you may have. I named mine Optimum Server because I also have a second server for gaming. Click "OK" and then in the "Connection Editor" window you'll need to type in the server address inside the "hostname or IP" box. The server address is :


Then go down one box to "Port" and type in this number: 3938


The next box can be left empty as well as the "Password" box. Since only we have this vent server there is no need for a password.


You'll then notice 3 boxes below the Password box. Make sure the first 2 boxes are checked, the third box is optional.


Then click "OK" and your done. Now make sure your user name is selected and click "connect", after a brief moment you should arrive into the channel and once in you can double click on the "Optimum Discussion Channel".


You may need to go into "Set up" and tweak your settings. When you speak into your mic you should be able to see your little icon next to your name light up green. This means that your voice is being picked up and heard by others.


Let me know if you have any questions,


Talk to you all soon I hope!



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Just a side note to those who don't havea mic and speaker set up. You can get a pretty good set from anywhere that sells gaming goods. It is actually a mic of the PS2, and it is made my logitec. Because of the introduction of PS3, and should be able to get them for really cheap. I got mine for under $15.


[/off topic]

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  • 1 month later...
I logged on a few times but I was always alone... :)



I'm going to set up a certain time where we can all get on and chat a bit.


I am thinking of maybe Tuesday evenings and maybe a time during the weekends, how are those times?


What ever time or times we choose I would like them to be regular so people get used to it.



I've also been on a few times Bence but no one was on either, we must be missing each other, we'll get it right here soon :)



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