My first clients use of Gloss Coat.


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This is a friend of mines truck. He used Hyper Polish then the new Gloss Coat. Second video is of his bumper, it was so oxidized that the color was flat black. He used Hyper compound (old formula) then coated it with Gloss Coat. Results with the new coating were stellar, In fact people who knew the truck thought he bought a new bumper. The truck looks in person better than show room condition, he even polished the roof rack.


This is just a testament to Davids formulations. The person who did the work is not a professional detailer, but I have couched him in the past.


I love this product line and want to also thank Chris Thomus for all his help.

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Guest Realistic Detailer

Another great job, and I am sure you will get more clients in the future for sure. I made a good living doing trucks just like that one for years.






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