How much different is the new OCW with UV protection

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I've been unable to find time and clear weather (no garage, Boston area) to do my normal claying, swirl removal and wax/sealer, so I'm going to use some of my older OCW (been in the cellar a couple years) after washing the car as a quick fix. It would take 4 days for me to get some new OCW from Autogeek, so that is out.


Unfortunately I have spine surgery coming up late next month and am going to not be able to do any stooping over a car for at least two months, by that time we will be into bad winter weather.


Have a good weather day today, so I'm going to use the old OCW. I'm not in the mood to mask all the rubber trim with tape, so I guess I have to be careful applying the OCW.

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The new formula has more gloss and will give the paint a much slicker feel than the previous version. I'm pretty sure the new formula has been out for about a year now.

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