I broke my OS virginity today.......


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What a pleasant surprise! Im hard to persuae changing products when you have used something so long and have become so comfortable using it. But OS was sure easy enough! And the looks were beautiful. I did end up following up with a MF mit which I found invaluable. I had a few heavy spots, and found that if there wasnt enough lubrication it was time to spritz the foam app. Great stuff, I'll continue its use. Its definetly a time saver, I just hope I can keep an eye on its durability.

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The more you use it, the more you will like it. :thumbsupup[1]:


Wait until you detail a full sized SUV and only have to go around it one time with Opti-Seal to apply vs other LSPs where you have to apply it and then go back around and remove it.

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