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Anthony Orosco

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As I was burning a CD this morning I thought what would be my choice of songs if I had only 12 to choose from.......what would be on your CD or MP player is you could only have 12 songs??


List the songs and explain the reason for that song choice? I'll do my 12 when I get back home later today as my list keeps changing ^_^

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1. Rush - Trees

2. 311- Creatures (For A While)

3. Green Day- Saint Jimmy

4. Loyd Cole- Perfect Skin

5. Los Lobos- Will the Wolf Survive

6. New Radicals- You get what you give

7. Foo Fighters- Ever Long (Acoustic version)

8. New Order- Regret

9. Plimsouls- Million Miles Away

10. A Perfect Circle- 3 Libras

11. The Alarm- The Stand

12. The Jam- Beat Surrender


This list could change next week.

An explanation for each song would end up being a novel. I could list many more.

Music has helped me get through life. My music could tell you deep dark secrets about me.

I really listen to the lyrics of a song.

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OK, after much debate between me, myself and I I have come up with my 12.... ...........although I'm sure next week it will change, maybe even tomorrow :) So here are my 12, in no particular order.....




1)Benny Hester - When God Ran > Great song about the prodigal son in Scripture and how the song writer had never seen God run except when God ran to him.


2)Billy Joel - Lullabye > I love this song as my little girl, well when she was little, would come every night and sit on my lap before bed and listen to this song with me. Not to long ago she sat with me again as we listened to the song. That I'll always remember so this song will also always be a favorite.


3)The Eagles - Desperado > Just a beautiful song


4) Journey - Still they ride > Love the story this song tells


5) Michael Sweet - Blue Bleeds Through > This song relates colors to our moods and feelings, our emotions and how they paint in our lives a masterpiece. Mr. Sweet has the most underated voice in music and in this song he really shines.


6) Queen - Somebody To Love > Awesome band, incredible vocal put out by Mr. Mercury on this track


7) Rush - Red Barchetta > OK, who doesn't love this song and the way the lyrics and music draw you into the story line? They should make a movie based on this song!


8) Reo Speedwagon - Roll with the changes > Incredible anthem type song that says to me....never give up, just roll with the changes.


9) Stevie Ray Vaughan - The sky is crying (live version) > If anyone doubts the playing prowess of SRV all they need do is listen to this song. He just rips off into one of the most amazing guitar solos I've ever heard on this song, he plays and sings with such emotion. I believe it was B.B. King who said of SRV, "He's the blackest white man I've ever known"


10) William Ackerman - Conferring with the moon > This is a song I always associate with my lovely wife as it was the song played in our wedding as the bridal party came down the isle. It's a beautiful melody which is also very ...... haunting (for lack of a better word at the moment) ....but in a good haunting type of way! :)


11) Supertramp - Downstream > This always reminds me of my wife. We honeymooned in the mountains of So Cal and just before leaving I ran into a music store and bought this Supertramp cassette, "Even in the quietest moments" because I wanted her to hear this song. She never heard of Supertramp before and the lyrics talk about a romance between a couple. We listened to it on the drive home.


12) Steve Perry - It won't be you > This is a song about tragic love. Man meets woman, man breaks up with woman knowing it was his true love, so when he thinks about her he still gets weak, he gets weary and he can't sleep, no matter what he does it won't be her. This song is one of my all time favorites because it tells a story that draws you in.....there are singers and song writers and then there's Steve Perry.



Well there ya have it people, my what are YOUR 12?????


Next let's do movies!!!

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This was very tough but I got it done.


1. Blue October--Black Orchid

2. Blue October--Anything at all

3. Seether--gift

4. 30 seconds to mars--The kill

5. Stonesour--Orchids

6. Blue October--Somebody

7. Jake Owens--Starting with me

8. Bucky Covington--A Different world

9. Prodigy--Firestarter (if this song doesn't pump you up somethings wrong)

10. Mushroomhead--Solitaire/Unraveling

11. George Strait--Carrying your love with me

12. Al Green's--Tired of being alone


All these songs have had an impact on my life. Like Ron said music has helped me through life and lets you in on a part of my life only one other person knows about. I have to thank her because without her I might not be here.

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Very diverse list.


Anthony........All I can say is.........Well Ill be nice. :)


Yeah I listen to most everything except most rap and that high school pop(britney, fergie, etc.). I thought the exact same thing when I seen Anthony list... but to each their own :) .



We should do movies but twelve might be too many...I was thinking five or ten. I am working on mine now.

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Guest sneek1

1. Foo Fighters -Everlong

2. Foo Fighters -Times like these (live)

3. Foo Fighters -Halo

4. RHCP - By The Way

5. RHCP - Scar Tissue

6. RHCP - Higher Ground

7. RHCP -Universally speaking

8. RHCP -Wetsand

9. Prodigy -Breathe

10. Alexisonfire -Boiled Frogs

11. Alexisonfire -Rough Hands

12. its really between Desperado or Summer of 69'

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Rock on Pat!! :)


I just bought last night Journey's 1981 Live in Houston DVD and my wife and I watched it.....with our 3 kids and they loved it! They've always liked Journey but this was a chance to see them live and it was kinda funny as they noticed mention of drugs, beer, no cussing from the band members, just solid music and entertaining.


We'll do movies next.....3 favorite action/adventure, 3 fav comedy. 3 fav drama, 3 fav sci fi, 3 fav horror

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OK....Let's see if I can browse my eclectic musical tastes and pick a few that may be a bit longer than the 3 min. pop tune.


1. Beethoven - 9th Symphony. - broke all the rules of symphonic writting with the introduction of a Choral section!

2. Emerson, Lake and Palmer - Tarkus I cut my teeth on this and it was the 1st Progressive music I learned to

play. It is music's version of Football. Aggressive, full of vim and vigor, and a testament to anyone's left hand chops. Ostinato bass that feels so good when you can blow the tune.

3. Yes - Awaken Wakeman's playing is beautiful, a true visit to the past with an added air of clarity and brilliance.

This song is a clear example that you can grow and be honest to your roots.

4. Genesis - Supper's Ready it is the classic tale of Good vs. Evil with a twist of English Humour. and you tube has some incredible performances with Gabriel....Can you say...."A Flower?"

5. Weather Report - A Remark You Made absolutely beautiful, induces thought and enlightenment. Zawinul's solo is so absolutely beautiful. It reminds me of a butterfly. Shorter's composition and his playing have never been better. ....and of course it is blessed with Jaco's lyrical bass lines.

6. Miles Davis - twits Brew (changed the face of music in 1970)

7. John Coltrane - My Favorite Things an amazing song, played by monster musicians who engage the imagination!

8. Frank Zappa - Montana A favorite....see how Zappa injects a few chordal voicing's that hint at modern symphonic and jazz music within the rock genre. Genious....and thank yu for fighting the record industry establishment Frank!

9. Ornette Coleman - Theme from a Symphony Variation One (from 1975 Dancing in your Head) harmolodics....check it out!

Coleman's famous expression .... "Music is a beat, and without a beat there is no life"

10. Pat Metheny - San Lorenzo...I wore out 2 albums and I am working on still wearing out my CD!

11. George Duke - Someday A beautiful human being and a beautiful song - two versions exist of this song....both gorgeous.

12. King Crimson - Lark's Tongue in Apic, Part II How can I have a list and leave out this band? I can't....Why this song? Why not pretty much sums it up.


A Baker's Dozen:


This next band should shake a few people up. (Remember....The Beatles were the Bad Punks at one time....and the Stones well they were aweful boys.)

Please use an open mind...Incredible stuff....there is substance under the shock....check them out on You Tube.


SleepyTime Gorilla Museum- Sleep is Wrong (check them out on You Tube a live version of this song is absolutely mind blowing! - not for the faint of heart) King Crimson meets Old Genesis Meets The Apocolypse and Dream Theatre


I wish I could have added:

Mahavishnu Orchestra

Return to Forever

Chic Corea Electric Band

Peter Gabriel

Parliament Funkadelic

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Buy an MP3 player and get it over with! Best one to get would be like one of mine: 1 gig internal memory, plus an SD card slot and it's about the size of a credit card, so it never slows me down when I'm detailing.

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