Damian is here

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Hi Guys,



Damian is my name, my company is Final Inspection Auto Boutique and I’ve been lurking here anonymously for months.

I've decided to join and also would like to comment on what a great site this is and such a good source of info on Optimum Products.


I retail Optimum products in Australia and use them extensively in our Car Wash/Detailing Facility in Melbourne, Australia.

The work I do can be found in my gallery here: http://gallery.finalinspection.com.au/



I've got a question already which I'll post in the appropriate section right now!



Cheers ^_^



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Hello Damian,


Great website and wonderful pictures of your work. I would love to see some of your work posted up on our Concours Garage section.


Hey....get Bullet Sponge to make you a signature with your website and stuff in it ^_^



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