Signal Green Porsche Turbo *update*

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Well it's been 8 weeks since I detailed this Porsche but at that time we had a lot of rain so I couldn't get any outside shots. The other day I had the car back and it gave me a nice idea how OptiSeal is holding up as it had been in the rain a few times and had been washed once by the owner.


I knew the OptiSeal would still be holding up but I was really impressed with how the dried on dirt came right off with just my pressure washer. I could of almost just rinsed it and then dried it......but that would be criminal to do, right?


So I washed it, rinsed it and then my favorite part....using the leaf blower to dry the paint! I love watching the water fly off the paint leaving a spot free finish that hardly needs any drying, what a great time saver ^_^ I then applied one more layer of OptiSeal and was able to take some outside pictures.






Here is the beading





















I'm not sure what the deal is with the outside pictures but they seem to be "fuzzy" and grainy?? It could be that I have a new digital camera and just haven't figured out all the settings.




























One of my personal favorite cars and colors and to see it driving down the road is a special a runaway jelly bean!!

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