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Anthony Orosco

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Well I love to watch movies as I'm sure many of you do also and I hardly ever go by what "critics" fact I usually end up liking movies they put down and hating movies they rate highly...go figure.


So lets list our favorites in groups of THREE.


So your favorite 3 -








This will gives us a chance to view movies we may have not seen yet by the reviews of others.



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Hmmm fav movies that might be a tough one. here are the ones that I enjoyed watching. there are so many but these stick out in my mind. they are in no particular order.



Monsters inc ( animation and storyline was unique Billy Crystal cracked me up)


Ice Age ( John L who played Sid was funny as heck )


happy Gilmore ( I am a golfer and love the slap stick humor )




Matrix all of them ( special effects and concept )


Star wars ( special effects and action )




pay it forward ( inspiring and great practice in life)


basic with John Travolta ( great twisting plot )


Saving Private Ryan ( excellent story and reminder to all the have sacrificed for us )


the last Samurai ( not a Tom Cruise fan but this was a great movie)



the Ring ( first one was creepy )


the grudge ( story was not great but scary for me )


Saw ( just plain gory )

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This should be a lot easier than the music one was.


1. Braveheart--Second favorite movie of all-time

2. Boondock Saints--another very good movie

3. Bourne Identity series-- can't wait for the new one



1. Shawshank Redemption--Favorite movie of all-time

2. The Usual suspects--who doesn't like this movie

3. Remember the Titans--very inspirational



1. The Storm Riders(1998) Martial arts fantasy

2. The Green Mile--the book was better but still a very good movie

3. Lord of the rings series--read the books in school and the movies were just as good.


Comedy-Only three?

1. Monty python and the holy grail--funniest movie ever made and third favorite movie of all-time

2. Happy gilmore--Best adam sandler movie

3. Wedding Crashers--"you motoring boat son of a b*tch"


Horror--not really a horror fan

1. The Exorcist

2. The Shining

3. The evil dead\Army of darkness Series



1. Shrek

2. Ice age

3. Shrek 2


"This will gives us a chance to view movies we may have not seen yet by the reviews of others.--Anthony"

Maybe but I have seen a lot of movies


One of three shelves of movies I have in my house



I had to quit buying them and join Blockbusters mail thing because I ran out of room.

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Dang it!! Flatstick just reminded me of another category, "animation"!


So feel free to add 3 animation movies to your list as well.


That's a bunch of movies there Rob :tv_happy[1]:


I have a client who I used to work for exclusively for a period of time and when he moved I had to box up and then reorganize in alphabetical order just under 700 DVD movies :crying[1]:



I'll post up my list here shortly,


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That's a bunch of movies there Rob :tv_happy[1]:


I have a client who I used to work for exclusively for a period of time and when he moved I had to box up and then reorganize in alphabetical order just under 700 DVD movies :crying[1]:



I'll post up my list here shortly,



The last time I counted (which I think was in march) I had 711 dvd's. We spend way to much time and money on these things but I always have something to watch when nothing is on. And yup all mine are in alphabetical order too. It is easy to keep up once you get them that way.

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Ok, for me my 3 fav of each category would be:


Drama -


1) Conspiracy Theory - Mel Gibson & Julia Roberts


2) Phenomenon with John Travolta


3) Saving Private Ryan would tie with Unforgiven


Sci/Fi Fantasy-


1) Lord of the Rings


2) BatMan The Beginning


3) Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind


Horror -


1) Aliens


2) The Ring


3) Tremors (Even though it had a lot of comedy in it also)


Comedy -


1) Caddy Shack


2) Dumb and Dumber


3) Planes, Trains and Automobiles


Animated -


1) Toy Story


2) Ice Age


3) Shrek 1 or 2


Action/Adventure -


1) Indiana Jones series


2) Pirates


3) Tie between - A Long Kiss Goodnight and Die Hard



Phew!! Doing only 3 is tough!!

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Patton George FREAKIN C. Scott!

Sleuth - Movie has more shifts than a Formula I racer in Monte Carlo

Casablanca - So many scenes became cliches in movies that followed because directors attemped to emulate the absolute best.



The Planet of the Apes - Arguably the best ending to any motion picture! I always wanted to see William Shatner as James T. Kirk and Jack Lord as Steve McGarrett play out the last scene! OMG...I can't stop laughing just thinking about it......

2001: A Space Odyssey - Image all the things Arthur C. Clarke envisioned.....Laptops, speaking and viewing the person you are speaking with, Space Station, and a very underated effect or lack of one.....since Space is a vaccum you cannot hear the engines!.....That was tremendous lack of effect in the movie.....I suppose Kubrick deserves a pat on the back as well. Least I know forget the sound engineer!

THEM - Representing all the Japanese SciFi flicks of the time that I would spend every weekend with THE GHOUL hosting yet another cheesy but AWESOME movie like this.....I remember seeing the giant ants for the first time and thought they were great////turned out the opening scenes were the best!



The Exorcist - My high school English teacher was at one time a Jesuit priest and was assigned on two exorcisms. Powerful, very real, and frightening stuff.

Rosemary's Baby - Makes you wonder.......

The Omen - 666



Monty Python and the Holy Grail - I am still Laughing!

The Return of the Pink Panther - Peter Sellers.......Genuis!

Duck Soup - Marx Brothers were Unique and have stood the test of time



Shrek - Didn't expect anything and it is absolutely tremendous!

Madagascar - I can watch this over and over and over......"smile and wave boys, just smile and wave"

Fantasia - So important......This movie is unique in that it projects images against music, yet it still engages the imagination.



Jaws - I am sneaking this one in here....I am so glad the dang mechanical sharks didn't work well, so Speilberg went with the Duel concept movie he made for ABC movie of the week and we never really saw the SHARK.......

The Usual Suspects - Kaiser-Sose...Imagine what fear can do to the mind....When Fear is based on a Myth....a non-existant entity

Taxi Driver - Bobby FREAKING DeNiro!

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The Godfather I and II

Apocalypse Now

The Killer Angels

Resevoir Dogs

Pulp Fiction



All of the Star Wars films

Blade Runner

All of the Terminator films



Search for the Holy Grail Python

Balzing Saddles

Young Frankenstein

The Pink Panther Films

Caddy Shack

Animal House

Wedding Crashers


I don't get horror films. How can something fake be scary?




The Killer Angels




This list could go on for a long time.

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I like most of the movies mentioned above, but also:


Man on Fire (the first time I watched, I was expecting Creasy to "just kill" the guys involved in the kidnapping, but no, he did things much the way that I would have.)


Band of Brothers (really captured the feeling of being a soldier at war, like so few films have been able to do)


Full Metal Jacket (we used to put that one on while we were preparing for dangerous missions in Bosnia)


Most recently:


Breach is a great movie. A little slow, but also kinda tough to follow at times (little details flashed across the screen that forced me to rewind and pause to really see and soak in). It was very interesting to see what really happened; the spy had a sort of serial-killer mentality. Oh, and the fact that it was based on a true story heightens the appeal to me.

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A movie that I believe to be a great "sleeper" film was "Powder". It was about some brilliant genius kid who had unique abilities but was also an outcast because he was like an albino, hence the name "powder". If you haven't seen it, rent it, great story.


Another recent film I think was great but didn't get much fanfare was a movie starring Bruce Willis called "16 Blocks".

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16 blocks was very good. Made me fell kinda old to see Bruce Willis playing a washed-up cop, though. The same feeling I get when I see the more recent Stallone flicks. Rocky Balboa was a great movie; thought it would be cheesy, but it was actually very entertaining.

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