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This will be my first time using any Optimum product, in this case its the polish. I have a 05 Infinti in ivory white pearl that has very minor spyder webbing I believe it's called. My question concerns using OP, the choice of an Edge pad, either the white ultrafine polishing pad (80 ppi), the blue finishing pad (70 ppi) or their orange lgt. cutting pad (60 ppi). The orange pad seems a bit to aggressive to me but I'm open to all thoughts. Whichever pad is finally used, and being that my paint marks are rather minor, do I still need to work the polish untill it starts to brake down like I've read on other sites for up to five minutes per panel or would I still benefit from buffing a lesser time. Sorry if this question seems a bit stupid to all the pros out there, I just don't want to create more problems then I'm starting out with. I didn't mention this will done with a Porter Cable . Thanks to all who have the patience to respond to the new guy on the block.

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You would be suprised at how well the polish proforms with the orange pad. I would use this first and check your finish.

If you feel that your leaving micro maring (witch you probably wont) you can finish with the blue pad.

Even with the otary and an orange pad you can get an LSP ready finish.

The working time depends on how much correcting your finish needs.

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