No Rinse and wheels

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I would like to here how the Pro's and non Pro detailers who use No Rinse are cleaning

wheels and fender wells?


Do you only use No Rinse?

Or do you use a wheel cleaner with the No Rinse?


Please share products and tools with us.

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I wash wheels with ONR with great results. It must be a very tough wheel to see the need for a specific wheel cleaner.


However, I like to wash the wells with foamed APC. Let it dwell a bit, then comes a brush and a mitt. For our Hungarian grime it is better...


I have to use a stronger ONR mix than you over the pond.

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I use ONR to clean all my customers wheels, tires and wells. Lately I've just been using the leftover from the previous wash in a bucket with an assortment of brushes. Alternatively I'll use a 2gallon tank sprayer and assortment of brushes. On most vehicles I don't have to use anything else. On some I'll use an APC on the tires and wells rinsing with the 2gallon sprayer. For brushes I use a boars hair brush on the wheels, a stiffer brush on the tire and well plus a powerpuff sponge brush for tight wells and inside of wheels.

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I actually use onr as my

clay lube,

after compound/polish wipe downs. I used to use 50/50 ach/water but that became annoying and the headaches did not ever stop.

Windows interior and exterior

to moisten towels for wax removal.

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