2002 Porsche Carrera

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Lapis Blue Porsche with some light to medium marring and also had some environmental pitting in the paint which Ron and I both noticed as we started polishing the paint. Ron took one side and I the other and both of us about the same time noticed it, very small and very fine pits in the top coat. I asked the owner if this was a Dallas or Houston car and he confirmed that it was originally a Dallas car.


We see a lot of cars from those two cities which have this type of clear coat damage but it's nothing that will cause a repaint. Perhaps the most drastic thing is it may have a light wet sanding in its future.



We had a very hot and VERY humid day while working on this car. Ron and I both had some heat exhaustion problems which slowed us down a bit. We worked the first few panels in a mixture of sun and clouds just to make sure our correction step was correcting, which it did. We went with an LC white polishing pad and Optimum Polish and from there went to a blue finishing pad (for me) and Ron used an LC "red" pad. We're not sure where this pad sits in the pad catergory but we'll find out.


Our last step was the Cyclo and then 2 layers of OptiSeal which was topped off with Trade Secret paste wax.


While I finished a few exterior details, like polishing lenses, wheels, removing caked in wax from the previous hack detailers, etc. Ron tackled the interior with his steamer (sorry no interior pics) and did a great job. Leather was conditioned with a Duragloss product...of which I do not know the name.



The owner of the Porsche was....."blown away"......(to say the least) by the results. He just hung out with Ron and I most of the time and called friends to come over and look at his Porsche, which was cool as we got some more work from it :beerchug[1]: There is a chance this one car may lead to 75 more cars!! We'll just wait and see what comes of that offer.



Here are a few pictures.......











This is a shot of the paint BEFORE, and a horrible one at that, but it gives an idea of the marring and random deeper scratches.











This is the wheel before any cleaning. I used TOL's wheel cleaner on the wheels and Hi-Temp's degreaser on the tires.












The engine was really bad. It had what looked like cosmoline on certain areas which is always a bugger to remove.












Here is the wheel and tire AFTER. It's dressed with a new beta dressing from Optimum. It's at this stage a very nice dressing which is applied with a trigger sprayer. It could of used a wipe down before this picture was taken to just even it out a bit.










The engine cleaned and dressed.















More to follow.....

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Several AFTER pictures of the exterior..........










































































All in all, this was a very enjoyable 5 hour detail and thanks for looking,


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