1957 Porsche Speedster

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Well this detail was a pure joy. Not very often I get to detail an almost all original 57 Speedster....it has some updated engine work plus some tranny work which upgraded gears.


It's a single stage Guards Red which was repainted about 20 years ago. The repaint is OK but alot of sanding marks still visible. A complete strip down would of been ideal and then wetsanding but the owner just wanted it to be made as perfect as possible without going to that extreme.


Ron and I spent around 10 hours on this car but it was enjoyable as the garage was clean, it had central heating, gracious hosts and it was filled with several other classic cars!!


As I began the No-Rinse on the exterior Ron fired up his steamer and began the interior cleaning. Ron did a fantastic job on the interior, lots of chrome and metal to polish plus a painted dash board....don't see many of those ;)


Ron using his steamer, metal polish, steel wool and some brushes for the interior chores.









We went through a lot of towels on this detail mainly because of all the aluminum both inside and outside of the car. Here is a before picture of the aluminum running board strip.










After some English metal polish










After all of Rons hard work he had this to show for it










Ron used a cyclo pad attached to a drill and OCP to polish the metal dash. Chrome polish was used on all the instrument rings and levers.....alot of detail work.





The exterior was oxidized but not as bad as I had expected. The exterior chrome and wheels were in bad shape but with some love and elbow grease they came out gleaming.


My process for the exterior:


Optimum No-Rinse

Optimum Hyper, Metabo and orange pad

Optimum Compound, Metabo/Dewalt green pad

Optimum Polish, Metabo, blue pad

Optimum Polish, Metabo, white pad

Optimum Polish, Cyclo, new Precision white pads


I sealed the paint with Optimum Sealant



Here are a few before/after pictures.


























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now THAT is awesome!! VERY nice work!


Hey thanks Bullet ;)


It's for sale...so if you have an extra $60, 000 laying around it would make a great gift for your wife!!


Here are a few more of his cars that Ron and I will be detailing in the near future.



This is, I believe a 1952 Jaguage xk120....this car is breathtaking















Here is another Jag of his....I think it's an late 70's, xke








See ya,


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I am sure I can come up with $60k to buy something....lol NOT! lol The White JAG is BEAUTIFUL! yopu have a fun job at times Anthony!! Now I know why you have to do all the waxws and treatments....because you keep drolling all over these beautiful vehicles so you have to fix you drool :blink:

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