Giving Opti-Seal a Go at It !


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I posted this Autopia, but thought since this is a Optimum products forum, might as well. Used all Optimum products on my daily driver, more so itching to tryout the much talked about Opti-Seal. Applied 2 squirts onto the foam applicator and that was all the priming that was needed to get it started, the pad was catching at first, but soon the lubricant in Opti-Seal kicked in and it was very smooth going. Took about 8 squirts to do the whole car. The photos was taken 24 hours later and I was quite surprise with the excellent beading of Opti-Seal. Will be definitiely using it more oftem on customers' cars when I don't feel like buffing off the LSP :up


Washed ONR

Clayed with Opti-Clay

Polished with OP via PC LC white pad

Sealed with Opti-Seal








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