Acura. One Hail of a time with it!

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Well party people I worked on this car for 45 hours this week!


No not an extreme detail. A Hail Job!

The best way to describe the damage to the SUV is that looked like a golf ball. Dimples every where.

The customer purchased it with the damage from the dealer at a very reduced price.

It is hard to take pictures of hail damage but I hope you can see what I had to work on.

The damage was to the Hood, Roof, L front Fender, L front Door, L rear Door, L rear Quarter, Back door and both Roof Rails.

Dime size to nickel size damage.


After the repairs were done we did a minor detail to the car.

Wash with Optimum Car Wash

Cyclo with Poli-Seal and Orange pads.

Final wipe with a test sample of possible new Optimum Spray Wax!

Opti-Bond on the Tires.







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Very nice :thumbsupup[1]:


Is this updated Spray wax the Beta meaning almost has the green light & give some info on it if you will.

regards Rik


As most know the spray wax has been out for a long time. It has been copied and from what people are saying improved upon.


David is trying to improve upon the slickness and durability. It will be tested for a while longer. What I have looks a little thicker then the original.


In the works will be a QD. I don't like the smell of it But this was added. I would hope that this could be made very slick.


The humidity here in south Texas makes it hard for me to judge slickness. I always feel sticky when out side.

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Master work Ron! :thumbsupup[1]:


Very come and take the ding out of my wife's new van she got yesterday!!! :crying[1]:



You know where I live!


I'm so glad that the care is done and gone. I saw one on the road yesterday the same color. I cringed.

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