Happy 4th of July everybody !


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thanks Flat!! I have today off...lol gonna make some macaroni salad for BBQ tonite and getting ready for yard sale on Saturday

Happy 4th of July Everyone!! Be Safe!!!!!!




Glad to see you are off today. a BBQ sounds mighty tasty. good luck with the yard sale on Sat.

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I will be enjoying the day off.

I went to the Grocery Store early this morning.

What will be on the menu today.

Steak, What Men Eat! NY Strip


Ball Park Franks for the kids


Grilled Corn

French Fries


Cantaloupe and Water Mellon

Chocolate Cake W/ Vanilla Ice Cream.


It's going to rain all day but I'm going for it.

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I also took the day off and will be enjoying a day of cook-outs.

Our menu (this is what I enjoy most...cooking)


Off the grill

Sweet and spicy spare ribs

Hawaiian Chicken breast with grilled pineapple

Hamburger and hot dogs

Chicken Wings (appetizer)

Grilled corn on the cob with Parmesan butter


From the kitchen

macaroni salad

potato Salad

fresh watermelon

chips and dips(apps)

Baked beans

Some sort of crab dish(I don't eat seafood so I could care less)

Deviled eggs



Key lime pie

Banana Pudding

Lemon-blueberry cream pie


And the sweet tea will be aplenty. With the alcohol coming later in the evening.


Happy Fourth of July everyone.

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This was our 4th of July car show with over 150 cars and some really nice ones. The fire department came though the site and said there was a thunderstorm just west of town and would be in town with the next few minutes. I live about 25 miles to the west so no way to out run it so we just pulled our cars to some high ground under a tree and put a car cover on my 58 Vette and closed up my 35 Ford and plan to wait it out. Then the cops come though and said hail upto golf ball size and winds in excess of 50 miles per hour. So we move to picnic shelter then the cops came back though and said winds have been clock as high as 70 miles per hour and we were forced to go to a shelter and wait out the storm. We ended up with a lot rain and the high winds and hail went just north of our location but made for a interesting afternoon. The circle in the center are my two cars we brought to the show. Sorry about the quality but these are taken with my cell phone. No real harm other than clean up...it will give me a chance to use my new rotary that will be here Friday.



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Sounds like Rob Ron and Bullet had some good eats for the 4th :thumbsupup[1]: DennisH sorry to hear about the severe weather in your area. golf ball sized hail must be a nightmare , when you have some awesome rides like you have. hope everybody was safe and enjoyed their day.

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