What is the problem with product use in the sun


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So many products so don't use in direct sunlight. I assume it is because of the heat. Now with a polish I can understand as if it dried too fast you wouldn't have sufficient time to break it down. With a product like a wax though what does it matter. Especially with a wipe on wipe off product why would it matter. If the heat was a problem wouldn't the heat be a problem even if you applied it in the shade and then later moved the car in the sun. Now I've used a lot of products and some don't perform well at all in the sun. Others though despite the warnings work just fine.

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I believe it has to do with the product flashing. Take Optimum spray wax for instance, it works by rubbing the product into the paint until it evaporates but if the surface is too hot it will flash off before it has a chance to be worked properly.


On paste waxes, any residue you remove after it has dried is wasted product which is why one always wants to apply a super thin layer but once the products has "bonded" moving in into the sun will not remove the wax, only after time will wax be degraded. A surface which is too cold can also have negative effects on products applied to them.


So the Optimum spray wax if applied to a hot surface or in the sun should be sprayed to a towel first then the paint instead of directly on the paint BUT if possible should be avoided.



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