Protecting Opticoat 2.0 before full hardening


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I had a detailer done up my Opticoat 2.0 and let it cure for 3 hours under shade.

When I drove off, it started to rain again !

When I got home, I light pressure spray with water and dry off using micro fiber.

The car spend the next 48-hours under shade.

Thereafter, the car has been exposed to rain twice and I would dry it with a microfiber.


The weather will be cloudy, hazy and rainy in the days ahead.


I just bought the OC Wash, OCW and OID.


I had my coating done on Thursday and today is Sunday.


I would appreciate for some help and information on how to go about protecting

the coating from the elements until full hardening.


I am thinking that I just light pressure spray with water and apply OID ?



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OC2.0 can get rained on an hour after application. You can also wash OC2.0 a week after application, but I'd probably wait longer if possible. If it were my vehicle, I'd be reluctant to wipe down OC during the curing period; I'd prefer to let the vehicle remain as untouched as possible. OTOH, if you have a problem area that needs correction, I believe it it best to address that before it fully hardens.

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The weather for the last few days has been terrible - cloudy or blazing sun in the morning and moderate or heavy rain in the afternoon.

A handful of tiny spots of bird poo or some organic nature gets splattered over the car.

I was very much reluctant to touch the paint work but I think the spots have to go - soften using water and microfiber clean them.


It has since been a week, I finally washed with Optimum Car Wash Concentrate.

As I am expecting those tiny spots to invade again, I OCW the roof, bonnet and boot.


I hope I can leave the other panels untouched until full hardness. Any idea how to test / check for full hardness ?

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