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I just started using the new Optimum Protect Plus(OPP) to condition and protect my leather and interior (dash and trim).


I currently use the Zaino Leather in a Bottle and 303.


The OPP is much easier to apply with a spray solution for perforated seats. I don't spend lots of time like I did with Zano trying to not get the conditioner stuck in the perforated portions. With OPP, I just spray and wipe down. The 303 was similar, but the OPP is slightly thicker and doesn't run when you spray it on the seat backs like the 303.


The OPP really conditions the leather, has a nice leather smell, and protects against sun damage. Plus, now I can use the same product to condition and protect my seats, dash, and doors. I'm also glad that OPP provides sun protection against UV rays to protect against fading and cracking.


The finish that the new OPP gives is a nice satin finish that is slightly less glossy than 303. OPP is easier to apply than 303 and leaves a nice even finish even when you directly spray OPP onto the dash. The new OPP is not greasy or slick to the touch. For the lack of a better description, the interior looks new after being treated with OPP.


So far, I find the new OPP a great product that will replace my Zaino and 303.


BTW, when you accidentally spray OPP onto your interior windows, the OPP easily buffs right off like a spray wax (unlike 303 that smears).

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I can't wait to use the new PP.

I didn't even receive a test sample of it. Sounds great.


I got a sample in trade just recently. It has a semi-leather smell but also smells like a scented soap. The smell of mine when applied to the dash seemed to strong the next day after I got in the car after sitting in the sun all day. It displaced the normal smell (slight leather smell from seats).


We will see how long the smell lasts.

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Just a quick question, Since you used Zaino for leather how do you compare the smell of zaino vs OPP?

Im currently using Zaino, and wanted to know the difference before placing a order for 128oz:)


Edit: I just ordered OPP last night..I just hope the smell is somewhat close to the smell of Zaino.


Zaino smells the bestt on leather...

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