OCW layering and cure time


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Hi there. I recently picked up some OCW and must pass on my congratulations on a pretty awesome product. The ease of use is what really gets me.


Have some questions though:


1. Does OCW have a 'drying' time? When would OCW be fully 'cured'?


2. Related to the first questions, how fast can OCW be layered? Immediately? After 30 mins? Overnight? Is there a limit to how many layers can be applied in a single session?



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Hello and welcome to the Optimum Forums. :thumbsupup[1]:


OCW is fully cured in 15 to 24 hours but one can layer it at least twice in that time and have no issues, at least in my experience. 3 layers seems to be pushing it.


I wait about an hour between my first layer and the second layer.


It can be used though weekly, such as I do, after each wash and I get great results with it when used like this. Plus, as you noted, it's so easy to use, so fast, that it takes no more than a few extra minutes to do the whole car.


Glad you like the product and hope you enjoy your stay here.



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Hi I put a coat of ocw on every other wash  ( I wash car once a week)easy looks great 

Can you buff this product I miss using my buffer


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