Motorcycle Safe?

Steve H

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Doctor G,


Is it safe to use all of the various Optimum products on motorcycles as well as cars? I am assuming it would be, but, I wanted to ask first. I am not even contemplating motorcycle detailing (All those fins, spaces, way) but, I am thinking on marketing it to some of my motorcycle enthusiast friends and perhaps setting up a booth at some of the local chopper shows.


Do you recommend any particular product as a chrome polish?


Thanks for taking the time to answer.



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I would recommend the No-Rinse, Optimum Spray Wax, Poli-Seal and Opti-SEal to your biking friends and also those at the show.


Optimum should have a metal cleaner/polish soon. English Custom Polishes work great for bikes as their formulas are non-abrasive.



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