Applying Poli-seal by hand


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I initially applied PS with a PC over a nicely polished (red) hood and followed with OPS - turned out great.


After a recent road-trip, I had some stubborn water spots that a QD wouldn't budge. I thought maybe a quick pass by hand with PS might remove them - this turned out to be a mistake or at least with the technique I used.


I used a clean cotton applicator with about a nickel size of PS and just started gently rubbing about like I would do with a wax. The PS flash-dried very quickly and under the brutal incandescent lights of my garage, I could see that I had swirled it up pretty bad - not to mention not removing the water spots. I ultimately had to make another PC pass with a finishing polish to clear things up.


So, I'm guessing I either used too much PS or didn't buff enough to break down the abrasives. At any rate, I think I'll stick with the PC for applying Poli-seal.


Any feedback on what might have gone wrong?

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Hmmm, kinda odd because I have used PoliSeal by hand in the past and not had any marring, at least that I noticed. Of course this depends on the paint and also color but the abrasives in PoliSeal are fairly fine so I can't see where hand use would be an issue.


Could it be possible that their was some grit in the pad or towel?


I will say though that I get my best results with PoliSeal when I use it with machine application.



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