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Hey all,

I"m new around here and ran across the optimum line of products and they sound awesome but do have a few questions for my new business adventure.


I'm in the process of setting up a mobile car wash business which will offer washing, waxing and basic interior cleaning, not full detail service at this time. Around the area where I live there is a ton of business complexes where I can setup in the back parking lot and wash cars for that company on a given day.


I was planning on buying a trailer with all the equipment and supplies to do service usinig water via a power sprayer and water tank but they are in the process of changing the laws around here where I would have to collect the water and recycle it, this is starting to become more of hassle compared to everything required to purchase for an upstart and why I love the idea of an Eco-friendly product. After talking with the code enforcement dept. I would need no special equipment after describing what products I will be using and also told they haven't run across a MOBILE company yet which offers this, my niche so to speak into a new market out here.


Anyways, my questions are.


If I use the No Rinse as my main product for washing the vehicles do I have to wash down the vehicles first before using or does it work just fine by applying?


I live in Ga. and we do get into the 20's, 30's and such in the winter time and saw the thread about how little extra work might be required if working in a garage but wondering how it might work if I'm outside with a popup tent, same for heat we do hit high 90's-105 in summer with high humidity?


After using the No Rinse what do you recommend be down with every wash? I would like to offer it as one package price so thinking the Car wax and if they would like the OS afterwards? Most of the vehicles are trucks and typical cars ranging in a variety of colors.


I also read on here that some of you use the product on the outside of the windows with a buffer, do you recommend this for best results?



Thanks for your input on this since using these products is completely new to me



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I work in the Seattle area and the place I work is a large campus area with several buildings and around 2000 people. The company provides space for many businesses to operate satellite stations, for the benefit of the employees (dry cleaning drop off/pick up, credit union, hair cuts, etc). One of those businesses is a mobile detailing service. They have a large portable tent made from PVC pipe, that they keep in place without the cloth top, in a place tucked in between two buildings. During the day they pop the tent up and start business, and seem to have a fairly steady stream of customers, at least during spring and summer. Here is a copy of their brochure. Also, here is their email, in case you want to get in touch. cyc_cardetail45@yahoo.compost-202-1191335758_thumb.jpg


I know this doesn't answer your question, but thought you might find it interesting.




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I have a mobile detailing business. I have a 6x12 enclosed trailer with a 65 gallon water tank,generator, pressure washer,carpet extractor, steamer, etc... I mainly use No Rinse with my business. My 65 gallons of water also goes a long way with the No Rinse. I rarely even use my pressure washer, the only time I've really used it is to spray off a lot of mud. There is no need to prewash or soak with anything else, just use the ONR from the start. If you are wanting a good wax that is quick after the No Rinse you can't go wrong with the Optimum Spray Wax. This is very quick and easy and saves a lot of time. If you are looking for a good one step product, Poli-Seal is the way to go. I use a lot of Poli-Seal. I put PS on with a PC or Cyclo, this will correct light swirls and also leave a layer of protection behind.


Out of all of my products I use ONR,OCW, and OPS the most. These are 3 products and I can't do without!!


Business complexes are a great place to get business. I do a couple right now. I offer 3 basic packages out at the businesses.... Wash, Wash/Wax, and Wash,Wax,Vac,dress interior,etc. For machine polishing or carpet shampooing I usually have them schedule a separate appointment.


Most of the places I do, they have their keys,money, description of vehicle, and what package they want done in an envelope. They have a list setup of everyone that wants something done and we just go down the list. This works really well.


Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions. 217-304-7294

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